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Where is Qatar

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Qatar Location Map
Where is Qatar located on the world map?
The given Qatar location map shows that Qatar is located in the South-west of Asia. Qatar map also shows that it is one of the smallest counties of the Middle East. However, it shares its international boundary with Saudi Arabia in the south, rest of three sides; it is surrounded by the Persian Gulf. Furthermore, a strait of the Persian Gulf divides Qatar from its nearby island nation of Bahrain. The government type of Qatar is an emirate government. In addition, its legal system composed of Islamic (or Sharia) and civil law codes in a discretionary system of law. Furthermore, it is being controlled by the Emir. Qatar is the world’s largest per capita producer of oil and natural gas. In addition, the reserve per capita is also highest in the world. Likewise, due to huge reserves and production of oil and natural gas, Qatar stands as the second highest per-capita income country – immediately after Liechtenstein.