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Where is Bangkok

As shown in the given Bangkok location map that Bangkok is located in the southern region of Thailand. It is known with various names and the meaning of its name is "City of Angels".

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The Google map showing Bangkok location in Thailand Map
In the passage of time, Bangkok has grown enough to become the political, social and economic center of Thailand. Likewise, in the recent decades, city has experienced tremendous growth because of especially investment boom, opening of various MNCs headquarters, and other infrastructure development.
These facilities made Bangkok as the center of finance and business in the region. Because of increasing influence on global politics, culture, fashion and entertainment underlines it has been given the status of an Alpha global city.

Furthermore, city's historic wealth corresponding with the swift modernization reflects in the cityscape and the urban society. For the tourist's point of view, the city is one of the famous landmarks in south-east Asia that entertains tourists the fullest; it is synonymous of exoticism. Important tourist's points are: the Grand Palace, Wat Arun, Vimanmek Palace Complex, its thousands of temples, and the city's notorious red-light districts unite to draw nearly 10 million international visitors each year, second only after London.

Bangkok Facts

Country: Thailand
Capital status given: 21 April 1782
Area (metro): 7,761.50 km2
Location: South of the country
Time zone: UTC+7
Area code: +66-2
Climate: Tropical Wet and Dry