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Where is Ecuador

10:40 PM ECT, (GMT-5), 16 April, 2016 - An earthquake with magnitude 7.4 occurred near Esmeraldas, Ecuador at 23:58:37.40 UTC on Apr 16, 2016, Tsunami warning issued

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Where is Ecuador
Where is Ecuador located on the world map? The given Ecuador location map shows that Ecuador is located in the north-western part of South America continent.

Ecuador map also shows that it shares its international boundaries with Colombia in the north and Peru in east and south. However, the country makes coastline in the western part with Pacific Ocean. Apart from the mainland, Ecuador has also a small group of islands in the Pacific Ocean i.e. Galapagos Islands. It lies about 1,000 km west from the mainland.

Map of Ecuador shows that the Equator cross through the country; probably, the name of the country has been given after it. Ecuador's capital city is Quito, which is one of the best places in South America and also tourists destination. It has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in the decade of 1970s because of having the best preserved and least altered historic center in South America. However, Ecuador's biggest city is Guayaquil. The historic center Cuenca is the third largest city in the country; it is also declared a World Heritage Site in the year 1999, because of being a wonderful example of a planned inland Spanish style colonial city.

The government type of Ecuador is a presidential republic.
Due to diversified topography, Ecuador has various types of climate including Humid Subtropical Climate in the coastal region and Rain Forests in lowlands.

Ecuador Facts
Continent South America
Where is Located Ecuador is a country located in the North West South America
Coordinates 00°9'S78°21'W
Capital Quito
Largest City Quito
Neighboring CountriesColombia, Peru
Administrative divisions24 provinces
Area 109,483 sq mi
Official Language Spanish
Major Religion Christian 93.00% Muslim 2.00% Other (indigenous beliefs / Baha'i) 5.00%
Ethic Group71,9% Mestizo 7.4% Montubio 7.2% Afroecuadorian 7% Amerindian 6.1% White 0.2% others
Currency U.S. dollar (USD)
ISO Alpha-2 CodeEC
ISO Alpha-3 Code ECU
ISO & UN M49 Numeric Code218
Form of Government Unitary presidential constitutional republic
Calling code 593
Time Zone ECT / GALT
Internet TLD .ec