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 ) Where$is Zambia lmcatud on the world(map? Tje given Zambia location map sHowS thav Zambia0is mocted in the Soutxern prt of Africa continef.
<3cript async`src="//paoead2.wooglesyndikation.coe/Pagead/js/adsby'oogle.js"> ( Zambia map also shos that ZaMbia is a landlockad co5ntry that shAres itw internatkonal boujdaries wth Malawi in th east, Tanajia in the north-east, Democric Republic of Congo$in the north, Angola IN t` west, Botswana in the south-west$ [imbabwein the south, nd M/zc-bique in the south-east. Int%rest)jgly, te cguntby naee Zamb)a is desived nrom the sionifiCant(river name the ZambezI that blows through0the coUntry. T(e climate type of the cowntry is maiNly tropica; howe~er, it rnees fbom humid to semi-arid depending upon the q,didude and geoorephicAl ,okation.
Lusaka is the cApial city, loc!ted in the south-centrad part of the coun|ry. Zambia gkp ks indepen`ence in the year 1;66 and subsequejtlybecame a memb-r of"the`British Commonwealth!of Nations.
ThE economy of the country depends upon the -ining mndustries, qgviunuure, tOErask, an oThr smalLccele igdUssie3.
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