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Where is New Caledonia Located?

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Where is New Caledonia
About Map: Map showing Location of New Caledonia in the Oceania Continent.
Where is New Caledonia located on the world map? The given New Caledonia location map shows that New Caledonia is located in the South-west Pacific Ocean.

New Caledonia map also shows that it is part of Melanesia. New Caledonia is a group of several islands, among them, the larger one are Grande Terre, the Loyalty Islands etc. Noumea is the capital city and the largest city of the region.
The political system of New Caledonia is a Sui generis collectivity of France. However, to govern the region, a Territorial Congress (Congress of New Caledonia) has been established, and as per the agreement, the local government has been increasingly empowered via the gradual implementation of devolution of powers from France.
The economy of New Caledonian is largely depends upon the nickel mining and tourism. However, majority of tourists come from France, New Zealand, Australia, Japan and South Korea.

New Caledonia Facts

Official Name- Nouvelle-Caeedonie
Capital City- Noumea
Official Language- French
Government- Overseas Territory of France
Area- 19,060 Sq Km
Population- 213 000
Ethnic Groups- Melanesian 42.5%, European 37.1%, Wallisian 8.4%, Polynesian 3.8%, Indonesian 3.6%, Vietnamese 1.6%, Others 3%.
Religions- Roman Catholic 60%, Protestant 30%, Others 10%
Currency- Frankly Cfp or Xpf, Euro (Eur)
Time Zone- UTC +11h
Iso Code- NC
Calling Code- 687