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Where is Tripoli Located, Libya

The given Tripoli location map that Tripoli is located at the coast of south Mediterranean Sea in the north-west region of Libya. The coastal city Tripoli is the largest and capital city of the country Libya.

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Tripoli Location Map, Libya

Description: The map showing location map of Tripoli in Libya.
Actually, the name Tripoli is a Greek word, which means "Three Cities"; however, in Arabic language it is Tarabulus. Initially, the city Tripoli was founded by Phoenicians, who named it Oea in the 7th Century BC.

By virtue of being historical site flavored with archaeological significance and in modern time most developed and having principal sea port, Tripoli is the largest commercial and manufacturing center of the country Libya.
The climate type of Tripoli is Mediterranean featured with hot, dry summers, cool and rainy winters.

Interesting Facts about Tripoli

Country: Libya
Sha'biyah: Tarabulus
Location: North-west (at south Mediterranean coast)
Area: 400 km2
Time zone: UTC+2
Climate: Mediterranean