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List of Capitals of Oceania and Australia Countries

Major Capitals of Oceania countries includes Canberra, Wellington, Suva, Port Moresby and many more.

Oceania is one of the seven continents in the world but it can reasonably be termed as the least known continent. It is more commonly referred to as Australia but it comprises 13 more countries apart from Australia itself. There are a total of 14 countries in Oceania. It is, essentially, a group of island nations that lie between the east cost of Asia and the west cost of America. The Continent originally stemmed as the lands of the Pacific Ocean.

Oceania is the smallest continent in the world in terms of land area. In terms of population, it is second smallest only after Antarctica. The parts of Oceania are Australia, Zealandia, Eurasia, New Guinea and the Pacific Islands. A large part of Oceania is made up by the Pacific plate. It is the largest tectonic plate on earth. But most of it lies under the ocean. The Indo-Australian plate, containing Australia and parts of New Zealand is also a part of the continent.

Most people are not aware of the countries and capitals in Ocenia. Some of the most well-known capital cities in Oceania include Canberra, the capital of Australial and Wellington, the capital of New Zealand. Even the capital cities such as Port Moresby, Avarua and Suva, of some of the famous countries such as Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Cook Islands respectively, are unknown.

The least populated capital of Oceania i.e. Adamstown, the capital of Pitcairn has a population of only 50. It is followed by Ngerulmud, the capital of Palau with a population of 270. Take a look a the list of countries and capitals in Oceania given below.

Below is the list of 28 Australia/Oceania Countries and their capital cities in alphabetical order.

List of Capitals of Australia and Oceania by countries

2American SamoaPago Pago
3Christmas Island (Australia)Flying Fish Cove
4Cocos (Keeling) IslandsWest Island
5Cook IslandsAvarua
7French PolynesiaPapeete
10Marshall IslandsMajuro
12New CaledoniaNoumea
13New ZealandWellington
15Norfolk IslandKingston
16Northern Mariana IslandsSaipan
17Papua New GuineaPort Moresby
19Pitcairn IslandAdamstown
21Solomon IslandsHoniara
26Virgin Islands (British)Road Town
27Virgin Islands (US)Charlotte Amalie
28Wallis and FutunaMata-Utu

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