Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games Medal Table, Count by Country

This is list of Country wise 2022 Birmingham Commonwealth Games Medal Count Table ranked by the number of Gold, Silver and Bronze medals won by their athletes.

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Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games Highlights

Official NameXXII Commonwealth Games
2022 Commonwealth Games Host CityBirmingham, England
Commonwealth Games Dates28 July and 8 August 2022
Countries Participating72 Commonwealth nations (expected)
Countries not ParticipatingTBD
Total Athletes Participating5054 (expected)
2022 Commonwealth Games Events‎‎20 sports
2022 Commonwealth Games Sport DisciplinesNA
Commonwealth Games Venues‎‎37
Stadium‎Alexander Stadium
Address: Walsall Rd, Birmingham, Perry Bar B42 2LR, United Kingdom
Opening Ceremony Date28 July, 2022
Closing Ceremony Date8 August 2022
Commonwealth Games Official

2022 Birmingham Commonwealth Games Medal Table By Country (Aug 24-Sep 5, 2022)

Currently not Available, Medal Count to be updated on 28 July, 2022.

1Country 1----
2Country 2----
3Country 3----
4Country 4----
5Country 5----

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2018 Commonwealth Games Medal Table

The 2018 Commonwealth Games was held in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, between 4 and 15 April 2018.

S.N.Country (Code)GoldSilverBronzeTotal
1Australia (AUS)*805959198
2England (ENG)454546136
3India (IND)26202066
4Canada (CAN)15402782
5New Zealand (NZL)15161546
6South Africa (RSA)13111337
7Wales (WAL)10121436
8Scotland (SCO)9132244
9Nigeria (NGR)99624
10Cyprus (CYP)81514
11Jamaica (JAM)791127
12Malaysia (MAS)751224
13Singapore (SGP)5229
14Kenya (KEN)47617
15Uganda (UGA)3126
16Botswana (BOT)3115
17Samoa (SAM)2305
18Trinidad and Tobago (TTO)2103
19Namibia (NAM)2002
20Northern Ireland (NIR)17412
21Bahamas (BAH)1304
22Papua New Guinea (PNG)1203
23Fiji (FIJ)1124
24Pakistan (PAK)1045
25Grenada (GRN)1012
26Bermuda (BER)1001
26British Virgin Islands (IVB)1001
26Guyana (GUY)1001
26Saint Lucia (LCA)1001
30Bangladesh (BAN)0202
31Sri Lanka (SRI)0156
32Cameroon (CMR)0123
33Dominica (DMA)0112
34Isle of Man (IOM)0101
34Mauritius (MRI)0101
34Nauru (NRU)0101
37Malta (MLT)0022
37Vanuatu (VAN)0022
39Cook Islands (COK)0011
39Ghana (GHA)0011
39Norfolk Island (NFI)0011
39Seychelles (SEY)0011
39Solomon Islands (SOL)0011
 Totals (43 CGAs)275276289840

All Time Commonwealth Games Medal Table (1930 to 2018)

This Commonwealth Games medal count data from Hamilton, Canada 1930 to 2018 Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast, Australia. This table is sorted by total number of overall medals.
S.N.Country (CGA Code)GoldSilverBronzeTotal
1Australia (AUS)9327757092416
2England (ENG)7147157152144
3Canada (CAN)4845165551555
4India (IND)181173149503
5New Zealand (NZL)159220278657
6South Africa (RSA)130123136389
7Scotland (SCO)119132200451
8Kenya (KEN)857577237
9Nigeria (NGR)707591236
10Wales (WAL)6798141306
11Malaysia (MAS)596581205
12Jamaica (JAM)594755161
13Singapore (SIN)36273295
14Northern Ireland (NIR)303955124
15Pakistan (PAK)25242675
16Cyprus (CYP)23131753
17Uganda (UGA)16162355
18Ghana (GHA)[a]15182558
19Trinidad and Tobago (TRI)10212556
20Bahamas (BAH)10131336
21Cameroon (CMR)10111637
22Nauru (NRU)1011930
23Zimbabwe (ZIM)[b]691429
24Tanzania (TAN)66921
25Samoa (SAM)581124
26Papua New Guinea (PNG)57214
27Botswana (BOT)55717
28Namibia (NAM)541120
29Hong Kong (HKG)521017
30Zambia (ZAM)[c]4122339
31Sri Lanka (SRI)[d]48820
32Guyana (GUY)[e]46616
33Fiji (FIJ)451019
34Isle of Man (IOM)33612
35Bangladesh (BAN)2428
36Barbados (BAR)23712
37Malaysia (MAL)2327
38Bermuda (BER)2226
38Mozambique (MOZ)2226
40Grenada (GRN)2125
41Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG)2013
42Mauritius (MRI)16613
43Guernsey (GUE)1326
44Lesotho (LES)1113
45Jersey (JER)1034
45Saint Lucia (LCA)1034
47Cayman Islands (CAY)1012
48British Virgin Islands (IVB)1001
48Kiribati (KIR)1001
48Saint Kitts and Nevis (SKN)1001
51Seychelles (SEY)0347
52Rhodesia and Nyasaland (FRN)0257
53Malta (MLT)0156
54Swaziland (SWZ)0134
55Dominica (DMA)0112
56Ireland (IRE)0101
57Malawi (MAW)0033
57Tonga (TON)0033
59Norfolk Island (NFI)0022
59Vanuatu (VAN)0022
61Cook Islands (COK)0011
61Solomon Islands (SOL)0011
61The Gambia (GAM)0011
Totals (63 CGAs) 33233316361010249
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