List of Island Countries: Capital, Population, Area & Location

This is a list of Island Countries by geographic location, population, capital city and area are listed in alphabetical order.

List of Island Countries

NameISO CodeCapitalContinentGeographical LocationArea (km2)PopulationDensity (km2)
Antigua and BarbudaAG, ATGSaint JohnsNorth AmericaCaribbean Sea, Lesser Antilles44297120220
BahamasBS, BHSNassauNorth AmericaAtlantic Ocean, Lucayan Archipelago1393938948028
BahrainBH, BHRManamaAsiaPersian Gulf77816411702109
BarbadosBB, BRBBridgetownNorth AmericaCaribbean Sea, Lesser Antilles430287020667
BruneiBN, BRNBandar Seri BegawanAsiaMaritime Southeast Asia576543329075
Cape VerdeCV, CPVPraiaAfricaAtlantic Ocean, Macaronesia4033549930136
ComorosKM, COMMoroniAfricaIndian Ocean, Africa, Comoros Islands1861850890457
CubaCU, CUBHavanaNorth AmericaCaribbean Sea, Greater Antilles10988411346346103
CyprusCY, CYPNicosiaEuropeMediterranean Sea925188800596
DominicaDM, DMARoseauNorth AmericaCaribbean Sea, Lesser Antilles7547181095
Dominican RepublicDO, DOMSanto DomingoNorth AmericaCaribbean Sea, Greater Antilles4867110738960221
East Timor (Timor-Leste)DiliDiliAsiaMaritime Southeast Asia, Lesser Sunda Islands14919129312087
FijiFJ, FJISuvaOceaniaPacific Ocean, Melanesia1827488995049
GrenadaGD, GRDSt. George'sNorth AmericaCaribbean Sea, Lesser Antilles344112000326
HaitiHT, HTIPort-au-princeNorth AmericaCaribbean Sea, Greater Antilles2775011743017423
IcelandIS, ISLReykjavíkEuropeAtlantic Ocean, Arctic Circle1027753613104
IndonesiaID, IDNJakartaAsiaMaritime Southeast Asia, Indian and Pacific oceans1904569270625570142
IrelandIE, IRLDublinEuropeAtlantic Ocean, British Isles70273497740071
JamaicaJM, JAMKingstonNorth AmericaCaribbean Sea, Greater Antilles109912734092249
JapanJP, JPNTokyoAsiaPacific Ocean, East Asia377,976[5]126264930334
KiribatiKI, KIRTarawaAsiaPacific Ocean, Micronesia811117610145
MadagascarMG, MDGAntananarivoAfricaIndian Ocean, Africa5870412696931046
MaldivesMV, MDVMaléAsiaIndian Ocean, Laccadive Sea2983839761289
MaltaMT, MLTVallettaEuropeMediterranean Sea3165026501591
Marshall IslandsMH, MHLMajuroOceaniaPacific Ocean, Micronesia18158790325
MauritiusMU, MUSPort LouisAfricaIndian Ocean, Africa, Mascarene Islands20401265710620
Micronesia, Federated States ofFM, FSMPalikirOceaniaPacific Ocean, Micronesia702113810162
NauruNR, NRUYarenOceaniaPacific Ocean, Micronesia2112580599
New ZealandNZ, NZLWellingtonOceaniaPacific Ocean, Polynesia270467512545119
PalauPW, PLWNgerulmudOceaniaPacific Ocean, Micronesia4591801039
Papua New GuineaPG, PNGPort MoresbyOceaniaPacific Ocean, Melanesia462840877611019
PhilippinesPH, PHLManilaAsiaMaritime Southeast Asia300000108116620360
Saint Kitts and NevisKN, KNABasseterreNorth AmericaCaribbean Sea, Lesser Antilles26152830202
Saint LuciaLC, LCACastriesNorth AmericaCaribbean Sea, Lesser Antilles616182790297
Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesVC, VCTKingstownNorth AmericaCaribbean Sea, Lesser Antilles389110590284
SamoaWS, WSMApiaOceaniaPacific Ocean, Polynesia284219710069
São Tomé and PríncipeST, STPSao TomeAfricaAtlantic Ocean, Gulf of Guinea, Africa1001215060215
SeychellesSC, SYCVictoriaAfricaIndian Ocean, Africa45597630215
SingaporeSG, SGPSingaporeAsiaMaritime Southeast Asia72857035707831
Solomon IslandsSB, SLBHoniaraOceaniaPacific Ocean, Melanesia2840066982024
Sri LankaLK, LKASri Jayawardenapura-kotteAsiaIndian Ocean, South Asia6561021803000332
TongaTO, TONNukuʻalofaAfricaPacific Ocean, Polynesia748104490140
Trinidad and TobagoTT, TTOPort Of SpainNorth AmericaCaribbean Sea, Lesser Antilles51311394970272
TuvaluTV, TUVFunafutiOceaniaPacific Ocean, Polynesia2611650448
United KingdomGB or UK, GBRLondonEuropeAtlantic Ocean, British Isles24482067886004277
VanuatuVU, VUTPort VilaOceaniaPacific Ocean, Melanesia1218929988025
Northern CyprusCY, CYPNorth NicosiaEuropeMediterranean Sea3355313,626[7]93
TaiwanTW, TWNTaipeiAsiaPacific Ocean, East Asia3619323603121652
Cook Islands (New Zealand) AvaruaOceaniaPacific Ocean, Polynesia2361077745.7
Niue (New Zealand) AlofiOceaniaPacific Ocean, Polynesia26012694.9

About Island Countries

An Island is a piece of land that is surrounded by water and is smaller than a continent. Countries located on Islands are called Island Countries. There are 50 Island Countries in the world. Australia is not an Island county because it is a continent, despite the fact that it was once thought to as an Island due to its lack of land borders. The largest Island country on Earth, according to most people, is Greenland, which is included in the list of Island countries. Indonesia is the largest Island nation in the world in terms of both area (1,904,569 km2) and number of islands (17,504 islands). With a population of more than 270 million, it is also the Island country with the largest population worldwide.

Many of the Island countries are enormous and have significant population, some of them are small and poorly populated. There are Island countries in every region of the globe and in every ocean. There are 18 Island countries in the Atlantic Ocean. However, only three of these nations are actually located in the Atlantic Ocean. They are the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Iceland. The Caribbean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea are home to the other island countries. Caribbean has two island countries and Mediterranean has two Island nations. The United Kingdom is the largest and most populous island country in the Atlantic Ocean. It is made up of the Island of Great Britain and the northern region of Ireland, known as Northern Ireland.

Caribbean consists of 13 Island countries that are quite small in comparison to those in the main part of the Atlantic Ocean. Cuba is the largest of the Caribbean island countries, with a land area of 110,860 square kilometers. Haiti is the second largest island country in the Caribbean. Only four Caribbean Island nations—Cuba, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and Trinidad & Tobago—have populations in the millions. Malta and Cyprus are two Island nations that are located in the Mediterranean Sea. Though from a geographical aspect, Cyprus is technically a part of Asia both are currently EU members. Cyprus has a population of about 1.2 million, compared to Malta's population of slightly under 443,000.

There are 6 Island countries in the Indian Ocean. They are Seychelles, Comoros, Mauritius, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives. The largest and most populous island country in the Indian Ocean is Madagascar. The Seychelles is the Indian Ocean's smallest and least populated country. Madagascar and Sri Lanka are large Island countries, whereas Mauritius is a small Island nation.

There are 23 island countries in the Pacific Ocean. The largest Island countries of Pacific Ocean are Japan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand. Japan is the only Island country in East Asia. It has a population of about 126 million people, making it the world's second most populous Island country after Indonesia. Southeast Asia is home to five Island nations. Indonesia, the most populated Island country in the world with a population of about 276 million, is the biggest and most populous. The Philippines, which has 7,640 islands, is the other major Island nation in Southeast Asia. East Timor, Brunei, and Singapore are Southeast Asia's other, smaller Island nations. Despite its diminutive size, Singapore is one of the so-called Asian Tiger economies and a powerhouse in terms of the economy.

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List of Island Dependent territories and Other Areas

NameSovereign stateGeographic locationArea (km2)PopulationDensity (per km2)
ÅlandFinlandBaltic Sea, Gulf of Bothnia15802835517.9
American SamoaUnited StatesPacific Ocean, Polynesia19954947276
AnguillaUnited KingdomCaribbean Sea, Lesser Antilles9115423169
ArubaNetherlandsCaribbean Sea, Lesser Antilles180107635598
BermudaUnited KingdomAtlantic Ocean, North America53.3625001170
British Indian Ocean TerritoryUnited KingdomIndian Ocean60300050
British Virgin IslandsUnited KingdomCaribbean Sea, Lesser Antilles15131148206
Caribbean NetherlandsNetherlandsCaribbean Sea12721133166
Cayman IslandsUnited KingdomCaribbean Sea, Greater Antilles26452560199
Christmas IslandAustraliaIndian Ocean, Australasia135149611.1
Cocos (Keeling) IslandsAustraliaIndian Ocean, Australasia1459642.6
CuraçaoNetherlandsCaribbean Sea, Lesser Antilles444145834328
Easter IslandChilePacific Ocean, Polynesia163.6614837.5
Falkland IslandsUnited KingdomAtlantic Ocean, South America1217331400.26
Faroe IslandsDenmarkAtlantic Ocean13934948335.5
French PolynesiaFrancePacific Ocean, Polynesia382727451271.7
GreenlandDenmarkNorth America2166086576950.03
GuadeloupeFranceCaribbean Sea, Lesser Antilles1628405500250
GuamUnited StatesPacific Ocean, Micronesia544159914293
GuernseyUnited KingdomEnglish Channel, Channel Islands7865849844
Isle of ManUnited KingdomIrish Sea, British Isles57285421149
JerseyUnited KingdomEnglish Channel, Channel Islands11694949819
MartiniqueFranceCaribbean Sea, Lesser Antilles1128403795360
MayotteFranceIndian Ocean, Africa, Comoros Islands374194000498.5
MontserratUnited KingdomCaribbean Sea, Lesser Antilles102516450.6
New CaledoniaFrancePacific Ocean, Melanesia1827526016614.2
Norfolk IslandAustraliaPacific Ocean, Melanesia36218260.6
Northern Mariana IslandsUnited StatesPacific Ocean, Micronesia46451395111
Pitcairn, Henderson, Ducie and Oeno IslandsUnited KingdomPacific Ocean, Polynesia47481
Puerto RicoUnited StatesCaribbean Sea, Greater Antilles88703690923416
RéunionFranceIndian Ocean, Africa, Mascarene Islands2512893500330
Saint BarthélemyFranceCaribbean Sea, Lesser Antilles217332349
Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da CunhaUnited KingdomAtlantic Ocean308772825.1
Saint MartinFranceCaribbean Sea, Lesser Antilles54.430959569
Saint Pierre and MiquelonFranceNorth America242583124.1
Sint MaartenNetherlandsCaribbean Sea, Lesser Antilles34390881150
South Georgia and the South Sandwich IslandsUnited KingdomAtlantic Ocean3903300.008
Sovereign Base Areas of Akrotiri and DhekeliaUnited KingdomMediterranean Sea2541570061.8
SvalbardNorwayArctic Ocean6204527520.03
TokelauNew ZealandPacific Ocean, Polynesia121368114
Turks and Caicos IslandsUnited KingdomAtlantic Ocean, Lucayan Archipelago9484633548.9
U.S. Virgin IslandsUnited StatesCaribbean Sea, Lesser Antilles346105275304
Wallis and FutunaFrancePacific Ocean, Polynesia2641528957.9

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