List of Countries in Asia by Region, Population & Area

There are 49 countries in Asia Continent, according to the United Nations. This is full list of countries in Asia by geographic Region, Population & Area

How Many Countries in Asia

There are 49 Asian countries and 3 territories in Asia listed by alphabetical order, subregion, Population & area in square km.

The Largest Countries In Asia By Area

Russia is not only the largest country in Asia, but is also the largest country in the world. It covers a total area of 17,075,200 square km (6,612,100 square miles) and the second largest country in Asia is China which covers an area of 9,596,961 sq km, 3rd largest is India cover an area of 3,287,263 sq km followed by Kazakhstan in 2,544,900 sq km, Saudi Arabia in 2,149,690 sq km, Iran in 1,648,195 sq km, Mongolia in 1,564,110 sq km, Indonesia in 1,502,029 sq km, Pakistan in 881,913 sq km, Turkey in 759,592 sq km.

The Smallest Countries Of Asia By Area

Maldives is the smallest country in Asia, It's area covers 300 Sq Km, and the second smallest country in Asia is Singapore which covers an area of 716 sq km, Bahrain in 765 sq km, Brunei in 5,765 sq km, Palestine in 6,220 sq km, Cyprus in 9,251 sq km, Lebanon in 10,452 sq km, Qatar in 11,586, Timor-Leste in 14,874 sq km and Kuwait in 17,818 sq km.

List of 49 Countries in Asia according to the United Nations

#CountrySubregionPopulation (2020)Area (kmĀ²)
1AfghanistanSouthern Asia38,928,346652,230
2ArmeniaWestern Asia2,963,24329,843
3AzerbaijanWestern Asia10,139,17786,000
4BahrainWestern Asia1,701,575760
5BangladeshSouthern Asia164,689,383147,570
6BhutanSouthern Asia771,60838,394
7BruneiSouth-Eastern Asia437,4795,765
8CambodiaSouth-Eastern Asia16,718,965181,035
9ChinaEastern Asia1,439,323,7769,596,961
10CyprusWestern Asia1,207,3599,251
11GeorgiaWestern Asia3,989,16769,000
12IndiaSouthern Asia1,380,004,3853,287,263
13IndonesiaSouth-Eastern Asia273,523,6151,502,029
14IranSouthern Asia83,992,9491,648,195
15IraqWestern Asia40,222,493438,317
16IsraelWestern Asia8,655,53522,072
17JapanEastern Asia126,476,461377,930
18JordanWestern Asia10,203,13489,342
19KazakhstanCentral Asia18,776,7072,544,900
20KuwaitWestern Asia4,270,57117,818
21KyrgyzstanCentral Asia6,524,195199,951
22LaosSouth-Eastern Asia7,275,560236,800
23LebanonWestern Asia6,825,44510,452
24MalaysiaSouth-Eastern Asia32,365,999330,803
25MaldivesSouthern Asia540,544300
26MongoliaEastern Asia3,278,2901,564,110
27MyanmarSouth-Eastern Asia54,409,800676,578
28NepalSouthern Asia29,136,808147,181
29North KoreaEastern Asia25,778,816120,538
30OmanWestern Asia5,106,626309,500
31PakistanSouthern Asia220,892,340881,913
32PhilippinesSouth-Eastern Asia109,581,078300,000
33QatarWestern Asia2,881,05311,586
34RussiaCentral Asia13,000,0003,995,200
35Saudi ArabiaWestern Asia34,813,8712,149,690
36SingaporeSouth-Eastern Asia5,850,342725
37South KoreaEastern Asia51,269,185100,210
38Sri LankaSouthern Asia21,413,24965,610
39State of PalestineWestern Asia5,101,4146,220
40SyriaWestern Asia17,500,658185,180
41TajikistanCentral Asia9,537,645143,100
42ThailandSouth-Eastern Asia69,799,978513,120
43Timor-LesteSouth-Eastern Asia1,318,44514,874
44TurkeyWestern Asia84,339,067759,592
45TurkmenistanCentral Asia6,031,200488,100
46United Arab EmiratesWestern Asia9,890,40283,600
47UzbekistanCentral Asia33,469,203447,400
48VietnamSouth-Eastern Asia97,338,579331,212
49YemenWestern Asia29,825,964527,968

Dependencies or other territories in Asia

#TerritoryPopulation (2020)Dependency of
2Hong Kong7,496,981China

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