Where is Mexico?

Mexico is a country in the southern portion of North America. Mexico is bordered by the Pacific Ocean, the Caribbean Sea, and the Gulf of Mexico; the United States to the north, and Belize and Guatemala to the south.

Location Map of Mexico

Where is Mexico
About Map: Map showing Where is Mexico located on the world map.

Where is Mexico Located?

The given Mexico location map shows that Mexico is located in the Central America where it is bordered by Gulf of Mexico from the east, Caribbean Sea from the south-east and by Pacific Ocean from the west.

The Mexico map also shows that the Central American country shares its international boundary with the USA in the north and in the south it shares its international boundaries with Guatemala and Belize.

Though, the country got its independence in the year 1821, but after the independence, the economic instability, Mexican-American War consequently territorial cession, civil war, and dictatorial government, collectively did not allow any further growth of the country. However, all these hegemony ended by the Mexican Revolution in 1910. After this revolution, Mexico adopted a new constitution along with the new political system. Moreover, government type of Mexico is representative, democratic and republican based upon a presidential system.

The fast growing trend makes Mexico as one of the world's largest economies and a regional power. Furthermore, Mexico is considered a newly industrialized country and a promising power in North America. As per the data, it has the 13th largest nominal GDP and the 11th largest by Purchasing Power Parity. Surprisingly, the Spanish speaking country, Mexico ranks fifth in the world and first in the America in terms of having UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It has total 31 World Heritage Sites. The climate of the country is ranges from the tropical to temperate depending upon the geographical region and altitudes. However, northern side of the country has larger Desert areas, known as Mexican Desert.

In addition, Mexico tourism is perceptibly flourishing. In the year 2007, Mexico was the 10th most visited country in the world with 21.4 million international tourists' arrivals. The majority of tourists come into the country from the United States and Canada. However, tourists from other part of world also visit Mexico. The capital city Mexico City is one the most favorite tourists' destinations in Mexico. Other tourists' points of interest in Mexico are the Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Moon along with the Plaza de toros Mexico and to the Mexican National Palace, built on the site of Montezuma's palace.

Mexico Facts

Continent North America
Where is Located Mexico is a country located in the North America
Coordinates 19.433333, -99.133333
Capital Mexico City
Largest City Mexico City
Neighboring Countries Belize, Guatemala, United States
Administrative divisions31 states
Area 1,964,375 sq km
Population116,220,947 (July 2013 est.)
Official Language Spanish(Official), English
Currency Peso (MXN)
ISO Alpha-2 CodeMX
ISO Alpha-3 Code MEX
ISO Numeric Code484
GDP $1.667 trillion (2011 Est.)
Calling code 52
Time Zone (UTC-8 to -6)
Internet TLD .mx

States and Capitals of Mexico

Order StateCapitalAreaPop. 2022Municipalities
24AguascalientesAguascalientes5,615.7 km2 (2,168.2 sq mi)142900011
29Baja CaliforniaMexicali71,450.0 km2 (27,587.0 sq mi)37770006
31Baja California SurLa Paz73,909.4 km2 (28,536.6 sq mi)7320005
25CampecheSan Francisco de Campeche57,484.9 km2 (22,195.0 sq mi)93100013
19ChiapasTuxtla Gutiérrez73,311.0 km2 (28,305.5 sq mi)5550000124
18ChihuahuaChihuahua247,412.6 km2 (95,526.5 sq mi)375100067
16Coahuila[b][c]Saltillo151,594.8 km2 (58,531.1 sq mi)315400038
23Colima[d]Colima5,626.9 km2 (2,172.6 sq mi)80400010
17DurangoVictoria de Durango123,364.0 km2 (47,631.1 sq mi)184200039
2GuanajuatoGuanajuato30,606.7 km2 (11,817.3 sq mi)617500046
21GuerreroChilpancingo de los Bravo63,595.9 km2 (24,554.5 sq mi)354800081
26HidalgoPachuca de Soto20,821.4 km2 (8,039.2 sq mi)309400084
9JaliscoGuadalajara78,595.9 km2 (30,346.0 sq mi)8355000125
1MéxicoToluca de Lerdo22,351.8 km2 (8,630.1 sq mi)17001000125
32Mexico City[e]Mexico City1,494.3 km2 (577.0 sq mi)921500016
5MichoacánMorelia58,598.7 km2 (22,625.1 sq mi)4756000113
27MorelosCuernavaca4,878.9 km2 (1,883.8 sq mi)198100036
28NayaritTepic27,856.5 km2 (10,755.5 sq mi)124300020
15Nuevo León[c]Monterrey64,156.2 km2 (24,770.8 sq mi)580200051
3OaxacaOaxaca de Juárez93,757.6 km2 (36,200.0 sq mi)4139000570
4PueblaPuebla de Zaragoza34,309.6 km2 (13,247.0 sq mi)6590000217
11QuerétaroSantiago de Querétaro11,690.6 km2 (4,513.8 sq mi)237400018
30Quintana RooChetumal44,705.2 km2 (17,260.8 sq mi)186500011
6San Luis PotosíSan Luis Potosí61,138.0 km2 (23,605.5 sq mi)283500058
20SinaloaCuliacán Rosales57,365.4 km2 (22,148.9 sq mi)304100018
12Sonora[f]Hermosillo179,354.7 km2 (69,249.2 sq mi)295000072
13Tabasco[g]Villahermosa24,730.9 km2 (9,548.7 sq mi)241100017
14Tamaulipas[c]Ciudad Victoria80,249.3 km2 (30,984.4 sq mi)353400043
22TlaxcalaTlaxcala de Xicohténcatl3,996.6 km2 (1,543.1 sq mi)135000060
7VeracruzXalapa-Enríquez71,823.5 km2 (27,731.2 sq mi)8073000212
8Yucatán[h]Mérida39,524.4 km2 (15,260.5 sq mi)2331000106
10ZacatecasZacatecas75,275.3 km2 (29,064.0 sq mi)162800058

Largest Cities and Metropolitan Areas in Mexico

RankCityStatePop. 2020 Census
1Valley of MexicoMexico City, State of Mexico, Hidalgo21804515
2MonterreyNuevo León5341171
4Puebla–TlaxcalaPuebla, Tlaxcala3199530
5TolucaState of Mexico2353924
6TijuanaBaja California2157853
10La LagunaCoahuila, Durango1434283
12San Luis PotosíSan Luis Potosí1271366
14MexicaliBaja California1031779