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Utah Map

Map of Utah

Map of Utah

About Map: Utah Map showing the capital, state boundary, roads, rail network,rivers, interstate highways, major cities and towns.

Facts About Utah

State NameUtah
CountryUnited States
ContinentNorth America
Capital CitySalt Lake City
Largest citySalt Lake City
AbbreviationUT, US-UT
Joined the Union-1456
NicknameBeehive State
Area84,899 sq mi (219,887 km2)
TimezoneMountain: UTC −7/−6
Population2,900,872 (2013 est)
Highest PointKings Peak
Lowest PointBeaver Dam Wash
Official Websitewww.utah.gov

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  • Utah Interstates

    North-South interstates include: Interstate 15, Interstate 17 and Interstate 19. East-West interstates include: Interstate 8, Interstate 10 and Interstate 40.

    Utah Routes

    US Highways and State Routes include: Route 60, Route 70, Route 89, Route 89A, Route 93, Route 95, Route 160, Route 180 and Route 191.