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Explore World Political Map - World Map is a representation of the surface of the Earth. The Map of the World showing names of all the Countries in the World along with their political boundries, geographic location and water bodies. Asia is the largest continent in the world both in terms of size and population.

World Map - A Map of the World with Country Names Labeled

World Map

A World Map is a map of all of the surface of the Earth. The World Map is a graphical representation of the Real world. The World Map presents a lot of information about the world in a simplified and visual way. It indicates the land and the seas of earth. The world map shows continents and the countries, which are part and parcel of continents, transcontinental countries, independent and dependent territories, oceans and seas, large and Small islands and everything that exists in the world. The world map also indicates the network of lines, which represent meridians and parallels, the geographic coordinate system.

The World's largest countries by area includes the Russian Federation, Canada, the United States of America, China, Brazil, Australia, India, Argentina, Kazakhstan, Algeria while the smallest countries include the Vatican City, Monaco, Andorra, and Singapore.

Types of World Map

Some of the most common types of World Map are political, physical, topographic, economic, climate, and thematic maps. World Map generally focus on political features and physical features of the World. Political maps displays territorial boundaries and human settlement such as cities, state, countries, roads, rails, highways, various places, population, etc. Physical maps represents geographical features of the World such as mountains, rivers, lake, bodies of water, plateaus,landforms, climate, soils.

World Map Projections

A Map projection is a visual representation, transferring the graticule of latitude and longitude on a plane surface. There are different types of map projections such as Mercator projection, Robinson projection, Cyclindrical projection, Azimuthal projection, Conic projection, Dymaxion Map, the Mollweide Projection, Gall-Peters, Goode's homolosine, AuthaGraph, Peirce Quincuncial, Winkel Tripel Projection and The Peters projection.

Continents Of The World

In the discipline of Geography, "Continent" means one of the major land masses. A continent is the Earth`s main division of land. Continent can be defined as the large land mass, which is separated from other landmasses by oceans.The Earth has seven continents. They are Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe and Australia. Among the seven continents, Asia is the biggest continent, while Australia is the smallest.

Seven Continents of the World

#ContinentArea (sq km)Area (Sq mi)
3North America24,709,0009,540,000
4South America17,840,0006,890,000

How many countries are there in the World?

The answer for this question varies from source to source. According to United Nations Organisations, there are 195 countries in the world. Out of which 2 countries that are non-member observer states: the Holy See (Vatican City) and the State of Palestine. According to ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) Country Codes Standard, there are 249 countries in the world out of which 194 are independent.

As per the International Monetary Fund, it has 237 countries on its list. The list does not state whether the countries are independent countries or countries without sovereignty or territories if they are independent or dependent. However, the list says that it has the number of countries stated above.

What are Dependent Territories?

The word dependent means to rely on something or someone, to depend on someone or something. Dependent territories are the dependent areas, which do not have complete independence or the ultimate political power called sovereignty. Therefore, these dependent territories are an integral part of sovereign states without sovereignty. There are 60 approximately dependent territories in the world. The United States of America has 13 dependent territories. The United Kingdom has three-crown dependent territories along with 13 overseas territories. There are six external territories in Australia. New Zealand and Norway have one dependent territory.

Transcontinental Countries

Transcontinental countries or nations are situated or located on one or more continents. Such continents are called transcontinental or intercontinental states. Transcontinental countries are basically part of a particular continent but a portion / overseas of the country or countries lie in the other continent. To make it simple, transcontinental countries have some portion of their territory, geographically divided at least two continents. Around 18 transcontinental countries are there in the world. For example, Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey are transcontinental countries, which are located in both Europe and Asia. Even though Armenia and Cyprus are considered politically European countries but geographically both the countries are situated in the Western part of Asia.

World (Earth) Facts

About WorldInfo
AboutEarth is the third planet from the Sun
Alternative namesGaia, Terra, Tellus, the world, the globe
Age of Earth4.6 Billion Years
Water Area139,434,000 sq mi
Total Countries193 UN members + 2 UN observers + Taiwan + Kosovo
Continents7 Continents of the Word; Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia, North America, South America, and Antarctica
Oceans5 Oceans of the World; the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Arctic Ocean and the Southern Ocean.
Highest PointMt. Everest
Escape Velocity6.95 miles/s
Radius of Earth3,959 miles
Surface Area510072000 km2 (196940000 sq mi)
148940000 km2 land (57510000 sq mi)
361132000 km2 ocean (139434000 sq mi)
Total Coastline372,000 miles
Circumference24,901 miles
Avg. Orbit Speed29.78 km/s (107200 km/h; 66600 mph)
Land Area57,510,000 sq mi
World Population7.9 Billion People (2022)
Lowest PointDead Sea
Diameter of Earth7,918 miles
Sun Orbit365 days
Escape velocity11.186 km/s (40270 km/h; 25020 mph)
Volume1.08321×1012 km3 (2.59876×1011 cu mi)
Mass5.972 � 10^24 kg
Mean density5.514 g/cm3 (0.1992 lb/cu in)
Surface gravity9.80665 m/s2 (1 g; 32.1740 ft/s2)

About Oceans

The ocean is a massive body of salt water which covers around 71 percent of Earth's surface. There are five oceans in the world namely Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Southern Antarctic and Arctic. The Pacific is the biggest ocean in the world while the Arctic is the smallest of all.

The Pacific Ocean: The Pacific Ocean is the largest and deepest of all the five oceans of the Earth. It is 165,250,000 square kilometer that accounts for 63,800,000 square miles. That's why it is called the largest division of the World ocean. The Pacific Ocean lies between the continents of Asia and Australia on the west and North America and South America on the east. There are five continents, which are touched by the Pacific Ocean viz North America, South America, Asia, Australia and Antarctica. Countries bordering the Pacific Ocean are Australia, Canada, China, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Singapore and South Korea.

Atlantic Ocean: The Atlantic Ocean is the second largest one among the five oceans of the world. It has an area of 106,460,000 square kilometres approximately. It is believed that the Atlantic Ocean drives our weather patterns, which includes hurricanes. It is the home to numerous species. The ocean separates the continents of Europe and Africa to the east from those of North and South America to the west. There are a number of countries that border the Atlantic Ocean.

Indian Ocean: The Indian Ocean is the third biggest ocean. It is enclosed with Asia in the north, Africa in the west and Australia to the east. The Indian Ocean is named after India because of its strategic location at the head of the ocean. India shares the long coastline, which is longer than any other country in the Indian Ocean. The Indian Ocean is bounded by Iran, Pakistan, India and Bangladesh to the north, the Malay Peninsula, the Sunda Islands of Indonesia and Australia to the east, the Southern Ocean to the south and Africa and the Arabian Peninsula to the west.

Oceans of the World

#OceanArea (km2)Volume (km3)Avg. depth (m)Coastline (km)Continent Cover
1Pacific Ocean168,723,000 (46.6%)669,880,000 (50.1%)3,970135,663 (35.9%)Asia and Australasia and the Americas
2Atlantic Ocean85,133,000 (23.5%)310,410,900 (23.3%)3,646111,866 (29.6%)Americas and Europe and Africa
3Indian Ocean70,560,000 (19.5%)264,000,000 (19.8%)3,74166,526 (17.6%)Southern Asia, Africa and Australia
4Southern Ocean21,960,000 (6.1%)71,800,000 (5.4%)3,27017,968 (4.8%)Antarctica and the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian oceans
5Arctic Ocean15,558,000 (4.3%)18,750,000 (1.4%)1,20545,389 (12.0%)North America and Eurasia in the Arctic

List of Countries in the World in Alphabetical Order

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NoCountry or AreaISO-alpha3 CodeRegionContinent
1AfghanistanAFGSouthern AsiaAsia
2Aland IslandsALANorthern EuropeEurope
3AlbaniaALBSouthern EuropeEurope
4AlgeriaDZANorthern AfricaAfrica
5American SamoaASMPolynesiaOceania
6AndorraANDSouthern EuropeEurope
7AngolaAGOMiddle AfricaAfrica
8AnguillaAIACaribbeanNorth America
10Antigua and BarbudaATGCaribbeanNorth America
11ArgentinaARGSouth AmericaSouth America
12ArmeniaARMWestern AsiaAsia
13ArubaABWCaribbeanNorth America
14AustraliaAUSAustralia and New ZealandOceania
15AustriaAUTWestern EuropeEurope
16AzerbaijanAZEWestern AsiaAsia
17BahamasBHSCaribbeanNorth America
18BahrainBHRWestern AsiaAsia
19BangladeshBGDSouthern AsiaAsia
20BarbadosBRBCaribbeanNorth America
21BelarusBLREastern EuropeEurope
22BelgiumBELWestern EuropeEurope
23BelizeBLZCentral AmericaNorth America
24BeninBENWestern AfricaAfrica
25BermudaBMUNorthern AmericaNorth America
26BhutanBTNSouthern AsiaAsia
27BoliviaBOLSouth AmericaSouth America
28Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and SabaBESCaribbeanNorth America
29Bosnia and HerzegovinaBIHSouthern EuropeEurope
30BotswanaBWASouthern AfricaAfrica
31Bouvet IslandBVTSouth AmericaSouth America
32BrazilBRASouth AmericaSouth America
33British Indian Ocean TerritoryIOTEastern AfricaAfrica
34British Virgin IslandsVGBCaribbeanNorth America
35Brunei DarussalamBRNSouth-eastern AsiaAsia
36BulgariaBGREastern EuropeEurope
37Burkina FasoBFAWestern AfricaAfrica
38BurundiBDIEastern AfricaAfrica
39Cape VerdeCPVWestern AfricaAfrica
40CambodiaKHMSouth-eastern AsiaAsia
41CameroonCMRMiddle AfricaAfrica
42CanadaCANNorthern AmericaNorth America
43Cayman IslandsCYMCaribbeanNorth America
44Central African RepublicCAFMiddle AfricaAfrica
45ChadTCDMiddle AfricaAfrica
46ChileCHLSouth AmericaSouth America
47ChinaCHNEastern AsiaAsia
48Hong Kong (China, Special Administrative Region)HKGEastern AsiaAsia
49Macao (China, Special Administrative Region)MACEastern AsiaAsia
50Christmas IslandCXRAustralia and New ZealandOceania
51Cocos (Keeling) IslandsCCKAustralia and New ZealandOceania
52ColombiaCOLSouth AmericaSouth America
53ComorosCOMEastern AfricaAfrica
54CongoCOGMiddle AfricaAfrica
55Cook IslandsCOKPolynesiaOceania
56Costa RicaCRICentral AmericaNorth America
57Cote DivoireCIVWestern AfricaAfrica
58CroatiaHRVSouthern EuropeEurope
59CubaCUBCaribbeanNorth America
60CuracaoCUWCaribbeanNorth America
61CyprusCYPWestern AsiaAsia
62CzechiaCZEEastern EuropeEurope
63Democratic People's Republic of KoreaPRKEastern AsiaAsia
64Democratic Republic of the CongoCODMiddle AfricaAfrica
65DenmarkDNKNorthern EuropeEurope
66DjiboutiDJIEastern AfricaAfrica
67DominicaDMACaribbeanNorth America
68Dominican RepublicDOMCaribbeanNorth America
69EcuadorECUSouth AmericaSouth America
70EgyptEGYNorthern AfricaAfrica
71El SalvadorSLVCentral AmericaNorth America
72Equatorial GuineaGNQMiddle AfricaAfrica
73EritreaERIEastern AfricaAfrica
74EstoniaESTNorthern EuropeEurope
75EswatiniSWZSouthern AfricaAfrica
76EthiopiaETHEastern AfricaAfrica
77Falkland Islands (Malvinas)FLKSouth AmericaSouth America
78Faroe IslandsFRONorthern EuropeEurope
80FinlandFINNorthern EuropeEurope
81FranceFRAWestern EuropeEurope
82French GuianaGUFSouth AmericaSouth America
83French PolynesiaPYFPolynesiaOceania
84French Southern TerritoriesATFEastern AfricaAfrica
85GabonGABMiddle AfricaAfrica
86GambiaGMBWestern AfricaAfrica
87GeorgiaGEOWestern AsiaAsia
88GermanyDEUWestern EuropeEurope
89GhanaGHAWestern AfricaAfrica
90GibraltarGIBSouthern EuropeEurope
91GreeceGRCSouthern EuropeEurope
92GreenlandGRLNorthern AmericaNorth America
93GrenadaGRDCaribbeanNorth America
94GuadeloupeGLPCaribbeanNorth America
96GuatemalaGTMCentral AmericaNorth America
97GuernseyGGYNorthern EuropeEurope
98GuineaGINWestern AfricaAfrica
99Guinea-BissauGNBWestern AfricaAfrica
100GuyanaGUYSouth AmericaSouth America
101HaitiHTICaribbeanNorth America
102Heard Island and McDonald IslandsHMDAustralia and New ZealandOceania
103Holy SeeVATSouthern EuropeEurope
104HondurasHNDCentral AmericaNorth America
105HungaryHUNEastern EuropeEurope
106IcelandISLNorthern EuropeEurope
107IndiaINDSouthern AsiaAsia
108IndonesiaIDNSouth-eastern AsiaAsia
109IranIRNSouthern AsiaAsia
110IraqIRQWestern AsiaAsia
111IrelandIRLNorthern EuropeEurope
112Isle of ManIMNNorthern EuropeEurope
113IsraelISRWestern AsiaAsia
114ItalyITASouthern EuropeEurope
115JamaicaJAMCaribbeanNorth America
116JapanJPNEastern AsiaAsia
117JerseyJEYNorthern EuropeEurope
118JordanJORWestern AsiaAsia
119KazakhstanKAZCentral AsiaAsia
120KenyaKENEastern AfricaAfrica
122KuwaitKWTWestern AsiaAsia
123KyrgyzstanKGZCentral AsiaAsia
124LaosLAOSouth-eastern AsiaAsia
125LatviaLVANorthern EuropeEurope
126LebanonLBNWestern AsiaAsia
127LesothoLSOSouthern AfricaAfrica
128LiberiaLBRWestern AfricaAfrica
129LibyaLBYNorthern AfricaAfrica
130LiechtensteinLIEWestern EuropeEurope
131LithuaniaLTUNorthern EuropeEurope
132LuxembourgLUXWestern EuropeEurope
133MadagascarMDGEastern AfricaAfrica
134MalawiMWIEastern AfricaAfrica
135MalaysiaMYSSouth-eastern AsiaAsia
136MaldivesMDVSouthern AsiaAsia
137MaliMLIWestern AfricaAfrica
138MaltaMLTSouthern EuropeEurope
139Marshall IslandsMHLMicronesiaOceania
140MartiniqueMTQCaribbeanNorth America
141MauritaniaMRTWestern AfricaAfrica
142MauritiusMUSEastern AfricaAfrica
143MayotteMYTEastern AfricaAfrica
144MexicoMEXCentral AmericaNorth America
145Micronesia (Federated States of)FSMMicronesiaOceania
146MonacoMCOWestern EuropeEurope
147MongoliaMNGEastern AsiaAsia
148MontenegroMNESouthern EuropeEurope
149MontserratMSRCaribbeanNorth America
150MoroccoMARNorthern AfricaAfrica
151MozambiqueMOZEastern AfricaAfrica
152MyanmarMMRSouth-eastern AsiaAsia
153NamibiaNAMSouthern AfricaAfrica
155NepalNPLSouthern AsiaAsia
156NetherlandsNLDWestern EuropeEurope
157New CaledoniaNCLMelanesiaOceania
158New ZealandNZLAustralia and New ZealandOceania
159NicaraguaNICCentral AmericaNorth America
160NigerNERWestern AfricaAfrica
161NigeriaNGAWestern AfricaAfrica
163Norfolk IslandNFKAustralia and New ZealandOceania
164North MacedoniaMKDSouthern EuropeEurope
165Northern Mariana IslandsMNPMicronesiaOceania
166NorwayNORNorthern EuropeEurope
167OmanOMNWestern AsiaAsia
168PakistanPAKSouthern AsiaAsia
170PanamaPANCentral AmericaNorth America
171Papua New GuineaPNGMelanesiaOceania
172ParaguayPRYSouth AmericaSouth America
173PeruPERSouth AmericaSouth America
174PhilippinesPHLSouth-eastern AsiaAsia
176PolandPOLEastern EuropeEurope
177PortugalPRTSouthern EuropeEurope
178Puerto RicoPRICaribbeanNorth America
179QatarQATWestern AsiaAsia
180Republic of KoreaKOREastern AsiaAsia
181Republic of MoldovaMDAEastern EuropeEurope
182ReunionREUEastern AfricaAfrica
183RomaniaROUEastern EuropeEurope
184RussiaRUSEastern EuropeEurope
185RwandaRWAEastern AfricaAfrica
186Saint BarthélemyBLMCaribbeanNorth America
187Saint HelenaSHNWestern AfricaAfrica
188Saint Kitts and NevisKNACaribbeanNorth America
189Saint LuciaLCACaribbeanNorth America
190Saint Martin (French Part)MAFCaribbeanNorth America
191Saint Pierre and MiquelonSPMNorthern AmericaNorth America
192Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesVCTCaribbeanNorth America
194San MarinoSMRSouthern EuropeEurope
195Sao Tome and PrincipeSTPMiddle AfricaAfrica
196Sark Northern EuropeEurope
197Saudi ArabiaSAUWestern AsiaAsia
198SenegalSENWestern AfricaAfrica
199SerbiaSRBSouthern EuropeEurope
200SeychellesSYCEastern AfricaAfrica
201Sierra LeoneSLEWestern AfricaAfrica
202SingaporeSGPSouth-eastern AsiaAsia
203Sint Maarten (Dutch part)SXMCaribbeanNorth America
204SlovakiaSVKEastern EuropeEurope
205SloveniaSVNSouthern EuropeEurope
206Solomon IslandsSLBMelanesiaOceania
207SomaliaSOMEastern AfricaAfrica
208South AfricaZAFSouthern AfricaAfrica
209South Georgia and the South Sandwich IslandsSGSSouth AmericaSouth America
210South SudanSSDEastern AfricaAfrica
211SpainESPSouthern EuropeEurope
212Sri LankaLKASouthern AsiaAsia
213State of PalestinePSEWestern AsiaAsia
214SudanSDNNorthern AfricaAfrica
215SurinameSURSouth AmericaSouth America
216Svalbard and Jan Mayen IslandsSJMNorthern EuropeEurope
217SwedenSWENorthern EuropeEurope
218SwitzerlandCHEWestern EuropeEurope
219SyriaSYRWestern AsiaAsia
220TajikistanTJKCentral AsiaAsia
221ThailandTHASouth-eastern AsiaAsia
222Timor-LesteTLSSouth-eastern AsiaAsia
223TogoTGOWestern AfricaAfrica
226Trinidad and TobagoTTOCaribbeanNorth America
227TunisiaTUNNorthern AfricaAfrica
228TurkeyTURWestern AsiaAsia
229TurkmenistanTKMCentral AsiaAsia
230Turks and Caicos IslandsTCACaribbeanNorth America
232UgandaUGAEastern AfricaAfrica
233UkraineUKREastern EuropeEurope
234United Arab EmiratesAREWestern AsiaAsia
235United KingdomGBRNorthern EuropeEurope
236TanzaniaTZAEastern AfricaAfrica
237United States Minor Outlying IslandsUMIMicronesiaOceania
238United States of AmericaUSANorthern AmericaNorth America
239United States Virgin IslandsVIRCaribbeanNorth America
240UruguayURYSouth AmericaSouth America
241UzbekistanUZBCentral AsiaAsia
243VenezuelaVENSouth AmericaSouth America
244VietnamVNMSouth-eastern AsiaAsia
245Wallis and Futuna IslandsWLFPolynesiaOceania
246Western SaharaESHNorthern AfricaAfrica
247YemenYEMWestern AsiaAsia
248ZambiaZMBEastern AfricaAfrica
249ZimbabweZWEEastern AfricaAfrica

Largest Seas in the World

Largest SeasAreaOcean
Philippine Sea5.695 million km2Pacific Ocean
Coral Sea4.791 million km2Pacific Ocean
American Mediterranean Sea4.200 million km2Atlantic Ocean
Arabian Sea3.862 million km2Indian Ocean
Sargasso Sea3.5 million km2Atlantic Ocean
South China Sea3.5 million km2Pacific Ocean
Weddell Sea2.8 million km2Southern Ocean
Caribbean Sea2.754 million km2Atlantic Ocean
Mediterranean Sea2.510 million km2Atlantic Ocean
Gulf of Guinea2.35 million km2Atlantic Ocean
Tasman Sea2.3 million km2Pacific Ocean
Bay of Bengal2.172 million km2Indian Ocean
Bering Sea2 million km2Pacific Ocean
Sea of Okhotsk1.583 million km2Pacific Ocean
Gulf of Mexico1.550 million km2Atlantic Ocean
Gulf of Alaska1.533 million km2Pacific Ocean
Barents Sea1.4 million km2Arctic Ocean
Norwegian Sea1.383 million km2Atlantic Ocean
East China Sea1.249 million km2Pacific Ocean
Hudson Bay1.23 million km2Arctic Ocean
Greenland Sea1.205 million km2Arctic Ocean
Somov Sea1.15 million km2Southern Ocean
Mar de Grau1.14 million km2Pacific Ocean
Riiser-Larsen Sea1.138 million km2Southern Ocean
Sea of Japan1.05 million km2Pacific Ocean
Argentine Sea1 million km2Atlantic Ocean
East Siberian Sea987,000 km2Arctic Ocean
Lazarev Sea929,000 km2Southern Ocean
Kara Sea926,000 km2Arctic Ocean
Scotia Sea900,000 km2Southern Ocean
Labrador Sea841,000 km2Atlantic Ocean
Andaman Sea797,700 km2Indian Ocean
Laccadive Sea786,000 km2Indian Ocean
Irminger Sea780,000 km2Atlantic Ocean
Solomon Sea720,000 km2Pacific Ocean
Mozambique Channel700,000 km2Indian Ocean
Cosmonauts Sea699,000 km2Southern Ocean
Banda Sea695,000 km2Pacific Ocean
Baffin Bay689,000 km2Arctic Ocean
Laptev Sea662,000 km2Arctic Ocean
Arafura Sea650,000 km2Pacific Ocean
Ross Sea637,000 km2Southern Ocean
Chukchi Sea620,000 km2Arctic Ocean
Timor Sea610,000 km2Indian Ocean
North Sea575,000 km2Atlantic Ocean
Bellingshausen Sea487,000 km2Southern Ocean
Beaufort Sea476,000 km2Arctic Ocean
Red Sea438,000 km2Indian Ocean
Black Sea436,000 km2Atlantic Ocean
Gulf of Aden410,000 km2Indian Ocean
Yellow Sea380,000 km2Pacific Ocean
Baltic Sea377,000 km2Atlantic Ocean
Caspian Sea371,000 km2not connected to any ocean
Libyan Sea350,000 km2Atlantic Ocean
Mawson Sea333,000 km2Southern Ocean
Levantine Sea320,000 km2Atlantic Ocean
Java Sea320,000 km2Pacific Ocean
Gulf of Thailand320,000 km2Pacific Ocean
Celtic Sea300,000 km2Atlantic Ocean
Gulf of Carpentaria300,000 km2Pacific Ocean
Celebes Sea280,000 km2Pacific Ocean
Tyrrhenian Sea275,000 km2Atlantic Ocean
Sulu Sea260,000 km2Pacific Ocean
Cooperation Sea258,000 km2Southern Ocean
Persian Gulf251,000 km2Indian Ocean
Flores Sea240,000 km2Pacific Ocean
Gulf of Saint Lawrence226,000 km2Atlantic Ocean
Bay of Biscay223,000 km2Atlantic Ocean
Aegean Sea214,000 km2Atlantic Ocean
Gulf of Anadyr200,000 km2Pacific Ocean
Molucca Sea200,000 km2Pacific Ocean
Oman Sea181,000 km2Indian Ocean
Ionian Sea169,000 km2Atlantic Ocean
Gulf of California160,000 km2Pacific Ocean
Balearic Sea150,000 km2Atlantic Ocean
Adriatic Sea138,000 km2Atlantic Ocean

Geography of the World

Geography is essentially the study of the planet and the establishment of comparative relationships in order to analyses the diversity present across geographically distinct areas of the world. Each region enhances the other. Similarly, world geography is responsible for constructing a net of different regions with their unique characteristics and forming the world's unified character, with the condition that each region is dependent on its specific allocation of Earth.

The Earth is the third planet from the Sun and the only known astronomical object to sustain life. While there is a lot of water all over the Solar System, only Earth has liquid surface water. The oceans cover around 71% of Earth's surface, dwarfing its lakes, rivers, and polar ice. Land, which consists of continents and islands, makes up the remaining 29% of the surface of the Earth. Mountain ranges, volcanoes, and earthquakes are all results of the interaction between the several slowly moving tectonic plates that make up the Earth's surface layer. The magnetic field that forms Earth's magnetosphere and deflects harmful solar winds is produced by the liquid outer core of the planet. The ellipsoid shape of Earth has a circumference of around 40,000 km. It is the solar system's densest planet.

The total area of the World /Earth is 510072000 km2 (196940000 sq mi) out of which land arena is about 148940000-km2 (57510000 sq mi. The oceans are spread in 361132000-km2 (139434000 sq mi). The age of the Earth is estimated to be 4.54 billion years, plus or minus 50 million years. Scientists scoured the globe in search of the oldest rocks to radio metrically date. The escape velocity on Earth is approximately 40,270 kmph, or 11,186 m/s. The highest point of the world is Mount Everest's peak. With a depth of 10,902-10,929 metres, the Challenger Deep is the deepest known point on the Earth's seabed. The world's population is still growing, but the rate of growth is slowing. The world's population is estimated to reach 8 billion in 2022, 9.7 billion in 2030, and 10.4 billion in 2100. This planet is the biggest and most massive of the four rocky worlds. The Earth orbits the Sun at a distance of about eight light minutes, taking a year (or 365.25 days) to complete one revolution.

Change in World Geography - World Map

Our world is always spinning at a speed of one thousand miles per hour. We are orbiting the sun at 20 miles per second. We, and our entire galaxy, are speeding through space at over a million miles per hour. Our world's surface is also moving and changing. How has the Earth's surface changed over time? Look at some of these incredible facts.

  • 200 million years ago most of the earth's land was one huge continent named Pangaea, meaning "all lands." All the seas were one huge ocean called Panthalassa, meaning "all seas."
  • Millions of years ago, New York City was on the equator.
  • Antarctica was once a rain forest millions of years ago.
  • India split from Africa millions of years ago, crashed into Eurasia, and tangled up the Himalaya Mountains.
  • While the Pacific Ocean is getting smaller, the Atlantic Ocean is expanding by an inch every year.
  • Every 100 years, the Atlantic Ocean's coastline recedes around four inches.
  • France is gradually tipped toward the north, and is rising in the south and sinking along the channel coast.
  • Africa is slowly picking itself apart in the Rift Valley, which runs between Zaire and East Africa.
  • South America's Andes Mountains are escalating in height.

World Map - Political

World Countries and Capitals

  • Asian Countries and Capitals
  • North American Countries and Capitals
  • Europe Countries and Capitals
  • South American Countries and Capitals
  • African Countries and Capitals
  • Oceana Countries and Capitals
  • US States and Capitals
  • States and Capitals of India
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