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Where is St Helena Located?

Location Map of St Helena

Where is St Helena located on the world map?

The given St Helena location map shows that St Helena is located in the South Atlantic Ocean. St Helena, which is of volcanic origin, is the part of the British overseas territory of Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha.
The St Helena is one of the most isolated islands of the world was uninhabited before its discovery by the Portuguese in the year 1502. However, later on the Britain started to using this island as a place of exile. Hence, in history it became quite popular because one of the most recognizable rulers Nepoleon was also exiled on this island. This is the reason that the island's tourism is Nepoleon's prison centric.

Moreover, politically, St Helena Island is one of the oldest overseas territories of Britain. By virtue of its geographical location, the climate of Saint Helena is tropical and marine; however, it is quite influenced and shaped up by the Benguela Current and trade winds which are keep on flowing consistently.

St Helena Facts:-
Official Name- Saint Helena
Capital City- Jamestown
Official Language- English
Government- Part of Saint Helena
Area- 122 km2
Population- 4255
Currency- Saint Helena Pound (Shp)
Time Zone- UTC+0
ISO Code- SH
Calling Code - 290