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Where is Mayotte Located?

Where is Mayotte located on the world map?

The given Mayotte location map shows that Mayotte is located in the Indian Ocean off coast of Africa continent. Mayotte map also shows that it is an island located in the Mozambique Channel of Indian Ocean between north-east of Mozambique (the mainland country of the south-eastern Africa continent) and north-west of Madagascar (the island country of Africa). The largest city and prefecture is Mamoudzou.

Interestingly, geographically, the territory is part of Comoros Islands group; but politically, it is a satellite territory of France. France governs the territory. In fact, the people of Mayotte themselves selected to governed by the France through referendum. The territory is popularly known by other name also i.e. 'Mahore', it is the native name of the island.

Likewise, the government type of Mayotte is a parliamentary representative democratic French overseas community. In the system, the President of the General Council is the head of government.