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Where is Congo?

Location Map of Republic of the Congo

Where is Republic of the Congo
Where is Republic of Congo located on the world map?
The given Republic of Congo location map shows that Republic of Congo is located in the central part of Africa continent. Republic of Congo map also shows that the country shares its international boundaries with Democratic Republic of Congo in the east, Central African Republic in the north, and Cameroon and Gabon from west. Besides, it has also small coastline opening into Atlantic Ocean. The country is also known with many other names such as Congo-Brazzaville, Little Congo, or the Congo simply.

Formerly, the republic was a French colony. Primarily, the country was dominated by Bantu tribes, the tribal group developed trade links leading into the Congo River basin. The country is located on the Equator; therefore, the climate is of equatorial type featured with very little variation year-round. The average day temperature remains about 24 Degree C (75 Degree F) and in the night it use to be about 16 Degree C. The economy of country is largely depends upon agriculture and handicrafts; however, an industrial sector is also there based largely upon petroleum.