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Where is Western Sahara Located

Western Sahara is located in northwestern Africa, bordered by Morocco, Mauritania, and Algeria.

Where is Western Sahara Located in the World Map

Where is Western Sahara
Where is Western Sahara located on the world map?

Where is Western Sahara Located?

The given Western Sahara location map shows that Western Sahara is located in the north-west part of the Africa continent. Western Sahara map also shows that Western Sahara shares its boundaries with Morocco in the north, Algeria in the north-east, and Mauritania in the east and south. Besides, Atlantic Ocean lies in the west of Western Sahara.

The country is one of the sparsely populated regions of the world. Laayoune is the largest city where most of the people live. Politically, Western Sahara is considered as non-self-governing territory since 1963 by United Nations. This is the year when Morocco demanded the territory from Spain. Hence, it is disputed territory claimed by Morocco. Furthermore, as per the ceasefire agreement held in 1991, the large part of the region is controlled by Morocco.

The economy of the region largely depends upon the mining and fishing. The rich phosphate deposits is one of the most exploited natural resources in the region.