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Where is Mali?

Location Map of Mali

Where is Mali
About Map: Map showing where is Mali located in the World.
Where is Mali located on the world map? The given Mali location map shows that Mali located in the western part of Africa continent.
Mali map also shows that Mali is a landlocked country that shares its international boundaries with Algeria in the north, Nigeria in the east, Burkina Faso and Cote d'Ivoire in the south, Senegal and Mauritania in the west, and Guinea on the south-west.
In the year 1991, Mali people have drafted a new constitution for themselves that facilitates the country as democratic government featured with multi-party system. President, who is elected for a five-year term by universal suffrage and is limited to two terms, enjoys the executive power.
The economy of the country is largely depends upon the agriculture and fishing. However, some of the natural resources that contribute in the country's economy are gold, uranium, and salt.

Facts About Mali

Continent Africa
Where is Located Mali is a country located in the West Africa
Coordinates 14.8128° N, 5.5030° W
Capital Bamako
Largest City Bamako
Neighboring Countries Algeria, Burkina Faso, Guinea, Côte d'Ivoire, Mauritania, Niger, Senegal
Administrative divisions8 regions
Area 478,800 sq miles (1,240,000 sq km)
Population15,494,466 (July 2012 est.)
Official Language French, Bambara, Peul/foulfoulbe
Major Religion Christian ,Islam, Tengriism and Buddhism
Ethic Group50% Mande 17% Fula 12% Voltaic (Senufo / Bwa) 10% Tuareg / Moor 6% Songhai 4% other
Currency West African CFA franc (XOF)
ISO Alpha-2 CodeML
ISO Alpha-3 Code MLI
ISO & UN M49 Numeric Code466
GDP $17.983 billion 2012 estimate
National day Independence Day, 22 September (1960)
Form of Government Unitary semi-presidential republic
President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita
Vice President  
Prime Minister Moussa Mara
Calling code 223
Time Zone GMT (UTC+0)
Internet TLD .ml