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Where is Kenya?

Location Map of Kenya

Where is Kenya
About Map: Map showing where is Kenya located in the World.
Map represents Where is Kenya located on the world map.

Kenya is located in the eastern part of Africa continent. It is a coastal country that shares coastal boundary with Indian Ocean.
The international boundary that Kenya shares with Ethiopia in the north, Sudan in the northwest, Somalia in the northwest, Tanzania in the south and Uganda in west is quite important for political purpose.

The world famous and beautiful Lake Victoria which attracts thousands of tourists is located in the southwest of the country. The geographical extension of huge Lake Victoria also lies in Uganda and Tanzania. The Government system in Kenya is a presidential representative democratic republic, where the President is both the head of state and head of government.

Name of the country i.e. Kenya is named after one of the largest and important mountain peaks Mount Kenya. The country has very diverse kind of geographical features from large savannah grasslands to semi-arid and arid bushes. Its northern regions have almost desert landscapes; on the contrary, the central and western parts have forests and mountains landscapes. Furthermore, the diverse geographic factors and weather system allow Kenyan people to exercise diverse economic activities.

Besides, the country is throughout the time, a remarkable producer of tea and coffee. Its tea and coffee is world famous. The large part of economy of the country depends upon the export of tea and coffee. Very recently, country has also developed a formidable horticultural industry thereby it became a significant exporter of fresh flowers to Europe. Above all, Kenya is also an important and world-renowned athletics powerhouse engendering world champions, for instance Paul Tergat and most recently David Rudisha.

The highlands of Kenya are bisected by the Great Rift Valley. The highlands of Kenya are a fertile plateau located in the east. Since, there is diverse kind of geographic features hence, the country's climate is also varies from tropical to temperate depending upon the regions. Moreover, the Kenya tourism is very much popular among the world tourists nowadays. Tourists from many countries prefer some adventurous tour in the Kenya National Park and Kenya Safari. Kenya safari beaches are also pretty tantalizing to the tourists.

Quick Facts
Continent Africa
Where is Located Kenya is a country located in the Eastern Africa
Coordinates 1°16'S36°48'E
Capital Nairobi
Largest City Nairobi
Neighboring Countries Ethiopia, Somalia, South Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda
Administrative divisions7 provinces and 1 area
Area 224,080 sq mi.
Official Language There are 11 Officials
Currency Kenyan shilling (KES)
ISO Alpha-2 CodeKE
ISO Alpha-3 Code KEN
ISO Numeric Code404
GDP $77.14 billion 2012 estimate
Calling code 254
Time Zone EAT (UTC+3)
Internet TLD .ke