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Where is Angola?

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Angola Location Map

Where is Angola
Angola is a country located in southwest of Africa in the world map.
Its name derives from the Kimbundu word for king, 'N'gola'. It was first settled by Bushmen hunter-gatherer societies before the northern domains came under the rule of Bantu states such as Kongo and Ndongo. The country is the second-largest petroleum and diamond producer in sub-Saharan Africa; however, its life expectancy and infant mortality rates are both among the worst ranked in the world. There are 38 cities all total. A very rich country in natural resources: Diamonds, Oil, Iron.It is a Birth place of the dreadlocks hair style. The official motto of Angola is Virtus Unita Fortior - a Latin phrase that means Virtue is stronger when united.

Major tourist attractions are:-
  • Black Rocks of Pungo Andongo
  • Village Rocks of Pungo Andongo
  • Sa Bandeira Cathedral
  • Winding Mountain Roads of Lubango city
  • Erod Fortifications
  • Kissama National Park
  • Citadel Stadium, Luanda(capital and largest city of Angola)
  • Planalto, Cangandala National Park
  • Rio Keve Forest, Cangandala National Park
  • Giant Sable Antelopes

  • Quick Facts
    Continent Africa
    Where is Located Angola is a country located in the Africa Continent.
    Coordinates 8°50'S13°20'E
    Capital Luanda
    Largest City Luanda
    Neighboring Countries Democratic Republic of the Congo, Republic of the Congo, Namibia, Zambia
    Administrative divisions18 provinces
    Area 481,354 sq miles
    Population18,498,000 (2009 estimate)
    Official Language Portuguese, Bantu
    Major Religion Anglican 29 Methodist 23.9 Seventh-day Adventist 7.6 Baptist 7.3 Roman Catholic 5.7 Episcopalian 7.6 Pentecostal 7.7 Jehovah Witnesses 0.7 Rastafarian 0.7 Evangelical 0.5 Plymouth Brethren 0.3 Muslim 0.3 Presbyterian 0.2 Hindu 0.4 Jewish 0.1 None 4 Other 3.5 Not stated 0.3
    Currency Kwanza(AOA)
    ISO Alpha-2 CodeAO
    ISO Alpha-3 Code AGO
    ISO & UN M49 Numeric Code24
    GDP $128.288 billion 2012 estimate
    Calling code 244
    Time Zone WAT (UTC+1)
    Internet TLD .ao