List South American Countries and Capitals

Major Capitals of South American Countries includes Brasilia in Brazil, Montevideo in Uruguay, Buenos Aires Argentina, Lima in Peru, Asuncion in Paraguay and Santiago in chile.

South America, the 4th largest continet in the world, contains a total of 12 countries, and 4 dependent territories. The continent lies almost entirely in the Southern Hemisphere and is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean in the West, Atlantic Ocean int he East and the Southern or Antarctic Ocean in the South.

Brazil, the largest country of South America is also the country with the largest population in the continent. The capital of Brazil is called Brasilia. Other countries that lie in the Northernmost region of South America are Colombia, Venenzuela, Suriname and Guyana. Their capitals are Bogota, Caracas, Paramaribo and Georgetown respectively. The French territory of French Guiana also lies in the Northern region and its capital is Cayenne.

On the Western coast of South America, lie the countries of Ecuador with its capital Quito, Peru with its capital being Lima and the long country Chile with its capital being Santiago. In the Central region is located Bolivia, which has two capital cities. La Paz is the administrative capital while Sucre is the constitutional and judicial capital of the country. Paraguay and Uruguay are the other two central countries of the continent and their capitals are Asuncion and Montevideo respectively.

Finally, Argentia is located in the Southeastern region of the continent. It is the second largest country of South America and is well-known for Football team. The capital of Argentina is Buenos Aires.

Below is the list of 14 South American countries and their capital cities in alphabetical order, major capitals of South America includes Brasilia, Buenos Aires, Lima, Sucre and Santiago.

List of South American Capitals By Countries

1ArgentinaBuenos Aires
2BoliviaLa Paz
13French GuianaCayenne
14Falkland IslandsStanley

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