Kansas County Map, List of Counties in Kansas with Seats

The U.S. state of Kansas is divided into 105 Counties. Explore the Kansas County Map, all Counties list along with their County Seats in alphabetical order and their population, areas and the date of formation.

Kansas County Map

Kansas County Map About Kansas County Map: The map showing the county boundary, all counties boundary, state capital and neighbouring states.
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    Kansas is one of the 50 states of United States of America which is located in Midwestern region of the country. The capital city of the state is ‘Topeka’. The state shares the borders with Nebraska towards north, Missouri to the east, Oklahoma to the south and Colorado to the west. The state occupies 81759 square miles, that accounts for 211,754 square kilometers. It is the 15th biggest state in terms of area and 31st most populous state in the country. The state of Kansas is divided into 105 counties and consists of 627 incorporated municipalities that comprised of cities. The biggest county of the state is Butler County which has got maximum area of land. The least populated county in the state is Greeley County.

    The official nick name of Kansas is the ‘Sunflower State’. The state also is known as ‘The Jay Hawker state’ and ‘The Wheat State’. It is called as The Wheat State because the state produces more wheat than any other state in United States of America. Kansas’ most famous place to visit is Kansas Cosmos Space Center which is in Hutchinson.

    The government of Kansas is established as per norms of the constitution of Kansas. The state follows Federal Government of United States. The state has got three branches of government and they are Executive branch, Legislative branch and Judicial branch. The executive branch consists of Governor, Lieutenant governor, The attorney general, secretary of state and state treasurer and so on. Legislative branch comprised of Kansas House of Representatives. Kansas` judicial branch is headed by Supreme Court of the state. County is considered as the basic administrative division of the state. Counties are again divided as cities and towns.

    The U.S. state of Kansas has 105 Counties. This is list of Kansas Counties and County Seats in alphabetical order along with check their population, areas and the date of formation.

    List of Counties in Kansas with County Seats

    S.NCountyCounty SeatPopulationArea Formed
    1Allen CountyIola13,319503 sq mi1855
    2Anderson CountyGarnett7,917583 sq mi1855
    3Atchison CountyAtchison16,813432 sq mi1855
    4Barber CountyMedicine Lodge4,8611,134 sq mi1867
    5Barton CountyGreat Bend27,557894 sq mi1867
    6Bourbon CountyFort Scott14,897637 sq mi1855
    7Brown CountyHiawatha9,881571 sq mi1855
    8Butler CountyEl Dorado65,8271,428 sq mi1855
    9Chase CountyCottonwood Falls2,757776 sq mi1859
    10Chautauqua CountySedan3,571642 sq mi1875
    11Cherokee CountyColumbus21,226587 sq mi1855
    12Cheyenne CountySaint Francis2,6781,020 sq mi1873
    13Clark CountyAshland2,181975 sq mi1885
    14Clay CountyClay Center8,531644 sq mi1857
    15Cloud CountyConcordia9,397716 sq mi1866
    16Coffey CountyBurlington8,502630 sq mi1855
    17Comanche CountyColdwater1,913788 sq mi1867
    18Cowley CountyWinfield36,2881,126 sq mi1867
    19Crawford CountyGirard39,361593 sq mi1867
    20Decatur CountyOberlin2,871894 sq mi1873
    21Dickinson CountyAbilene19,762848 sq mi1857
    22Doniphan CountyTroy7,864392 sq mi1855
    23Douglas CountyLawrence112,864457 sq mi1855
    24Edwards CountyKinsley2,979622 sq mi1874
    25Elk CountyHoward2,720648 sq mi1875
    26Ellis CountyHays29,053900 sq mi1867
    27Ellsworth CountyEllsworth6,494716 sq mi1867
    28Finney CountyGarden City37,2001,300 sq mi1883
    29Ford CountyDodge City34,7521,099 sq mi1867
    30Franklin CountyOttawa25,906574 sq mi1855
    31Geary CountyJunction City38,013384 sq mi1855
    32Gove CountyGove City2,7291,072 sq mi1868
    33Graham CountyHill City2,578898 sq mi1867
    34Grant CountyUlysses7,923575 sq mi1888
    35Gray CountyCimarron6,030869 sq mi1887
    36Greeley CountyTribune1,298778 sq mi1873
    37Greenwood CountyEureka6,4541,140 sq mi1855
    38Hamilton CountySyracuse2,639996 sq mi1873
    39Harper CountyAnthony5,911802 sq mi1867
    40Harvey CountyNewton34,852539 sq mi1872
    41Haskell CountySublette4,256577 sq mi1887
    42Hodgeman CountyJetmore1,963860 sq mi1867
    43Jackson CountyHolton13,449657 sq mi1855
    44Jefferson CountyOskaloosa18,945536 sq mi1855
    45Jewell CountyMankato3,046909 sq mi1867
    46Johnson CountyOlathe559,913477 sq mi1855
    47Kearny CountyLakin3,968870 sq mi1887
    48Kingman CountyKingman7,863864 sq mi1872
    49Kiowa CountyGreensburg2,496722 sq mi1886
    50Labette CountyOswego21,284649 sq mi1867
    51Lane CountyDighton1,704717 sq mi1873
    52Leavenworth CountyLeavenworth77,739463 sq mi1855
    53Lincoln CountyLincoln3,174719 sq mi1867
    54Linn CountyMound City9,441599 sq mi1855
    55Logan CountyOakley2,7841,073 sq mi1888
    56Lyon CountyEmporia33,748851 sq mi1855
    57Marion CountyMarion12,347943 sq mi1860
    58Marshall CountyMarysville10,022903 sq mi1855
    59McPherson CountyMcPherson29,356900 sq mi1867
    60Meade CountyMeade4,396978 sq mi1885
    61Miami CountyPaola32,612577 sq mi1855
    62Mitchell CountyBeloit6,355700 sq mi1867
    63Montgomery CountyIndependence34,459645 sq mi1867
    64Morris CountyCouncil Grove5,854697 sq mi1855
    65Morton CountyElkhart3,169730 sq mi1886
    66Nemaha CountySeneca10,132719 sq mi1855
    67Neosho CountyErie16,406572 sq mi1855
    68Ness CountyNess City3,0681,075 sq mi1867
    69Norton CountyNorton5,612878 sq mi1867
    70Osage CountyLyndon16,142704 sq mi1855
    71Osborne CountyOsborne3,806893 sq mi1867
    72Ottawa CountyMinneapolis6,072721 sq mi1860
    73Pawnee CountyLarned6,928754 sq mi1867
    74Phillips CountyPhillipsburg5,519886 sq mi1867
    75Pottawatomie CountyWestmoreland22,302844 sq mi1857
    76Pratt CountyPratt9,728735 sq mi1867
    77Rawlins CountyAtwood2,5601,070 sq mi1873
    78Reno CountyHutchinson64,4381,254 sq mi1867
    79Republic CountyBelleville4,858716 sq mi1868
    80Rice CountyLyons9,985727 sq mi1867
    81Riley CountyManhattan75,508610 sq mi1855
    82Rooks CountyStockton5,223888 sq mi1867
    83Rush CountyLa Crosse3,220718 sq mi1867
    84Russell CountyRussell6,946885 sq mi1867
    85Saline CountySalina55,988720 sq mi1860
    86Scott CountyScott City4,937718 sq mi1873
    87Sedgwick CountyWichita503,8891,000 sq mi1867
    88Seward CountyLiberal23,547640 sq mi1873
    89Shawnee CountyTopeka178,991550 sq mi1855
    90Sheridan CountyHoxie2,538896 sq mi1873
    91Sherman CountyGoodland6,1131,056 sq mi1873
    92Smith CountySmith Center3,765896 sq mi1867
    93Stafford CountySaint John4,358792 sq mi1867
    94Stanton CountyJohnson City2,175680 sq mi1887
    95Stevens CountyHugoton5,756728 sq mi1886
    96Sumner CountyWellington23,6741,182 sq mi1867
    97Thomas CountyColby7,9411,075 sq mi1873
    98Trego CountyWaKeeney2,986888 sq mi1867
    99Wabaunsee CountyAlma7,039798 sq mi1855
    100Wallace CountySharon Springs1,517914 sq mi1868
    101Washington CountyWashington5,758898 sq mi1857
    102Wichita CountyLeoti2,256719 sq mi1873
    103Wilson CountyFredonia9,105574 sq mi1855
    104Woodson CountyYates Center3,278501 sq mi1855
    105Wyandotte CountyKansas City159,129151 sq mi1859
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