Massachusetts Map - (MA Map)

Massachusetts, is the most populous state in the New England region of the United States. Massachusetts, a state, is in the Northeastern USA. It is bordered by Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire and the Atlantic Ocean.

Map of Massachusetts with Cities, Road, River, Highways

About Massachusetts State Map

According to the map of Massachusetts the state is located in northeastern USA's New England region. The state is bordered by Connecticut and Rhode Island to the south and New York to the west. North Hampshire and Vermont lie to the north of this state and Atlantic Ocean is to the east. Boston Boston has a very compact geography as revealed by the map of Massachusetts. As per the United States Census Bureau, the city has an aggregate area of 89.6 square miles, which consists of 48.4 square miles in land and 41.2 sqaure miles in water. It is the fourth most highly populated city in USA.


As per the map of Massachusetts, Brockton is surrounded by Stoughton to the northwest and Avon to the north. Holbrook and Abington are to the northeast of Brockton and East Bridgewater and Whitman border the city from the southeastern direction. It is surrounded by Easton in the west and West Bridgewater to the south.


Brookline is situated close to Newton and Boston. As per the US Census Bureau the total area of this town is 6.8 square miles. Brookline has an estimated population of 58,732 and an elevation of almost 50 feet. It comes under the UTC-5 time zone.


Chicopee is situated on the banks of Connecticut River in Hampden County. The city is surrounded by Holyoke in northwest, Granby in northeast, Springfield in south, South Hadley in north and Ludlow in east. As per the United States Census Bureau the aggregate area of this city is 23.9 square miles.


As per the United States Census Bureau, Cambridge spans an aggregate area of 7.1 sqaure miles. 6.4 square miles of this area is land and the rest is water. The adjacent towns of Cambridge are Boston, Belmont, Somerville, Watertown and Arlington. It is at an elevation of 40 feet.

Fall River

Fall River is located at the mouth of Taunton River in the eastern shore of Mount Hope Bay. As per the United States Census Bureau the total area of this city is 39.2 square miles - 31 square miles of this area is the land and 8.2 square miles is water.

Massachusetts Interstates

Interstates include: Interstate 15, Interstate 17 and Interstate 19. East-West interstates include: Interstate 8, Interstate 10 and Interstate 40.

Massachusetts Routes

US Highways and State Routes include: Route 60, Route 70, Route 89, Route 89A, Route 93, Route 95, Route 160, Route 180 and Route 191.

Rivers in Massachusetts

The map also provides a clear indication of their flowing patterns and the various tributaries in addition to the important drainage points. Major rivers of Massachusetts are Charles River, Connecticut River, Merrimack River, Saugus River, Jones River, Mitchell River

Massachusetts State Facts

State NameMassachusetts
CountryUnited States
ContinentNorth America
Capital CityBoston
Largest cityBoston
AbbreviationMA, Mass. US-MA
Joined the UnionFebruary 6, 1788 (6th)
NicknameThe Bay State
Area10,555 sq mi (27,336 km2)
TimezoneEastern: UTC -5/-4
Population6,692,824 (2013 est)
Highest PointMount Greylock
Lowest PointAtlantic Ocean