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Where is Anaheim, CA?

Location of Anaheim on a Map

Where is Anaheim, California
About Map: Map showing the Location of Anaheim, California in the US.
Anaheim is located in the southern part of the state. It is the 10th most-populated city in the state of California, and 54th in the United States.

Fact sheet Anaheim
Country USA
Location Southern part of the State
Latitude 33.50′10″N
Longitude 117.53′23″W
Total area131km2 ( 51 sq mi)
Total Population341,361
Area code714
Nearby Cities Fullerton, Placentia, Buena Park, Orange
Major Tourists' Attraction Anaheim Convention Centre, City National Grove of Anaheim, Adventure City, Space Mountain
Nearest airport John Wayne Airport (about 15 miles), Long Beach Airport (24 miles)