US County Map, List of Counties in the United States

The following is a list of the 3,142 counties and county-equivalents in the 50 states and District of Columbia of United States of America. According to the US Census 2020, Los Angeles County in California is the largest county in the nation, with a total population of 10,150,558.

United States County Map

US County Map, List of Counties in United States
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List of Counties in the United States

StateNumber of CountiesNumber of Equivalents*Total Area
Alabama6706750645 sq mi, (131171 sq km)
Alaska03030570641 sq mi, (1477953 sq km)
Arizona15015113594 sq mi, (294207 sq km)
Arkansas7507552035 sq mi, (134771 sq km)
California58058155779 sq mi, (403466 sq km)
Colorado64064103642 sq mi, (268431 sq km)
Connecticut8084842 sq mi, (12542 sq km)
Delaware3031949 sq mi, (5047 sq km)
District of Columbia01161 sq mi, (158 sq km)
Florida6706753625 sq mi, (138887 sq km)
Georgia159015957513 sq mi, (148959 sq km)
Hawaii5056423 sq mi, (16635 sq km)
Idaho4404482643 sq mi, (214045 sq km)
Illinois102010255519 sq mi, (143793 sq km)
Indiana9209235826 sq mi, (92789 sq km)
Iowa9909955857 sq mi, (144669 sq km)
Kansas105010581759 sq mi, (211754 sq km)
Kentucky120012039486 sq mi, (102269 sq km)
Louisiana0646443204 sq mi, (111898 sq km)
Maine1601630843 sq mi, (79883 sq km)
Maryland231249707 sq mi, (25142 sq km)
Massachusetts140147800 sq mi, (20202 sq km)
Michigan8308356539 sq mi, (146435 sq km)
Minnesota8708779627 sq mi, (206232 sq km)
Mississippi8208246923 sq mi, (121531 sq km)
Missouri114111568742 sq mi, (178040 sq km)
Montana56056145546 sq mi, (376962 sq km)
Nebraska9309376824 sq mi, (198974 sq km)
Nevada16117109781 sq mi, (284332 sq km)
New Hampshire100108953 sq mi, (23187 sq km)
New Jersey210217354 sq mi, (19047 sq km)
New Mexico33033121298 sq mi, (314161 sq km)
New York6206247126 sq mi, (122057 sq km)
North Carolina100010048618 sq mi, (125920 sq km)
North Dakota5305369001 sq mi, (178711 sq km)
Ohio8808840861 sq mi, (105829 sq km)
Oklahoma7707768595 sq mi, (177660 sq km)
Oregon3603695988 sq mi, (248608 sq km)
Pennsylvania6706744743 sq mi, (115883 sq km)
Rhode Island5051034 sq mi, (2678 sq km)
South Carolina4604630061 sq mi, (77857 sq km)
South Dakota6606675811 sq mi, (196350 sq km)
Tennessee9509541235 sq mi, (106798 sq km)
Texas2540254261232 sq mi, (676587 sq km)
Utah2902982170 sq mi, (212818 sq km)
Vermont140149217 sq mi, (23871 sq km)
Virginia953813339490 sq mi, (102279 sq km)
Washington3903966456 sq mi, (172119 sq km)
West Virginia5505524038 sq mi, (62259 sq km)
Wisconsin7207254158 sq mi, (140268 sq km)
Wyoming2302397093 sq mi, (251470 sq km)
Total3,0071363,1423,531,905 sq mi, (9,147,592 sq km)

County Map of U.S. 50 States

Top 50 Largest County of the United States by Population

S.NNameStatePopulation (2021)
1Los Angeles CountyCalifornia9,969,510
2Cook CountyIllinois5,106,780
3Harris CountyTexas4,779,880
4Maricopa CountyArizona4,651,440
5San Diego CountyCalifornia3,347,270
6Orange CountyCalifornia3,175,130
7Miami-Dade CountyFlorida2,721,110
8Dallas CountyTexas2,647,850
9Kings CountyNew York2,523,560
10Riverside CountyCalifornia2,520,060
11Clark CountyNevada2,347,920
12King CountyWashington2,301,620
13Queens CountyNew York2,212,360
14San Bernardino CountyCalifornia2,206,750
15Tarrant CountyTexas2,144,650
16Bexar CountyTexas2,048,290
17Broward CountyFlorida1,966,120
18Santa Clara CountyCalifornia1,918,880
19Wayne CountyMichigan1,739,120
20Alameda CountyCalifornia1,680,480
21New York CountyNew York1,628,010
22Middlesex CountyMassachusetts1,618,160
23Philadelphia CountyPennsylvania1,585,010
24Sacramento CountyCalifornia1,578,680
25Palm Beach CountyFlorida1,524,560
26Hillsborough CountyFlorida1,512,070
27Suffolk CountyNew York1,468,140
28Orange CountyFlorida1,417,280
29Bronx CountyNew York1,390,450
30Nassau CountyNew York1,355,700
31Franklin CountyOhio1,334,870
32Travis CountyTexas1,328,720
33Hennepin CountyMinnesota1,281,680
34Oakland CountyMichigan1,259,360
35Cuyahoga CountyOhio1,221,780
36Allegheny CountyPennsylvania1,213,570
37Salt Lake CountyUtah1,183,930
38Contra Costa CountyCalifornia1,159,540
39Wake CountyNorth Carolina1,152,740
40Fairfax CountyVirginia1,145,670
41Mecklenburg CountyNorth Carolina1,143,570
42Collin CountyTexas1,095,580
43Fulton CountyGeorgia1,091,550
44Pima CountyArizona1,068,730
45Montgomery CountyMaryland1,055,110
46Fresno CountyCalifornia1,013,400
47St. Louis CountyMissouri992,177
48Pinellas CountyFlorida978,872
49Marion CountyIndiana976,346
50Duval CountyFlorida975,961
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