New Mexico County Map, List of Counties in New Mexico with Seats

The U.S. state of New Mexico is divided into 33 Counties. Explore the New Mexico County Map, all Counties list along with their County Seats in alphabetical order and their population, areas and the date of formation.

New Mexico County Map

About Counties of New Mexico

New Mexico is one of the states in United States of America that is situated in the South-western region of the country. It is one of the mountain states of the country. New Mexico is the fifth largest state in the country. The total area of the state is 121298 square miles. The state ranks as the 36th state in the aspect of population. The state is bordered by Colorado to the north, Oklahoma and Texas to the east, Mexico in the south and Arizona in the west. The capital of New Mexico is Santa Fe. The state is also known as Land of Enchantment. New Mexico is wonderful and colourful place to visit. One would love to visit New Mexico for its charming and beautiful sceneries, wonderful national park and historical sites. New Mexico has a lot of nick names as it is called with ‘The Cactus State’, The Spanish State’, The Land of Sunshine and so on.

There are 33 Counties in New Mexico. Among Counties in New Mexico Bernalillo is the most populous county in the state. Bernalillo has the largest city called ‘Albuquerque’. It is situated in the central northern part of the state. The other famous cities of New Mexico are Las Cruces, Rio Rancho, and Santa Fe which also capital of the state New Mexico. Counties in New Mexico as well as the government give a lot of importance to Women to and often elect them as public servants. According a research conducted by Center for American Women and Politics at Rutgers University analyzed that two- third of non-white women have ever been elected as governors in the country are from New Mexico, even the present governor Grisham.

The state of New Mexico follows federal system like all other states of United States. New Mexico state government consists of Executive branch, Legislative branch and judicial branch of the government. The executive branch of the government is led by the governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, Secretary of state, state auditor, state treasurer and other officials. The local government of Counties in New Mexico comprises of counties and municipalities. Counties are governed by an elected body of five members called County Commission, sheriff, clerk and treasurer. A municipality may consist of village, town or city. All the laws related to municipality are the same for villages, towns or cities.

The U.S. state of New Mexico has 33 Counties. This is list of New Mexico Counties and County Seats in alphabetical order along with check their population, areas and the date of formation.

List of Counties in New Mexico with County Seats

S.NCountyCounty SeatPopulationArea Formed
1Bernalillo CountyAlbuquerque6709681,166 mi²1852
2Catron CountyReserve37336,928 sq mi1921
3Chaves CountyRoswell658906,071 sq mi1889
4Cibola CountyGrants276584,540 sq mi1981
5Colfax CountyRaton136403,757 sq mi1869
6Curry CountyClovis496491,406 sq mi1909
7De Baca CountyFort Sumner19452,325 sq mi1917
8Doña Ana CountyLas Cruces2135983,807 sq mi1852
9Eddy CountyCarlsbad541524,182 sq mi1887
10Grant CountySilver City293803,966 sq mi1868
11Guadalupe CountySanta Rosa46193,031 sq mi1891
12Harding CountyMosquero7402,126 sq mi1921
13Hidalgo CountyLordsburg48613,446 sq mi1920
14Lea CountyLovington654234,393 sq mi1917
15Lincoln CountyCarrizozo204544,831 sq mi1869
16Los Alamos CountyLos Alamos18222109 sq mi1949
17Luna CountyDeming252812,965 sq mi1901
18McKinley CountyGallup736645,449 sq mi1899
19Mora CountyMora47731,931 sq mi1859
20Otero CountyAlamogordo657036,627 sq mi1899
21Quay CountyTucumcari90262,855 sq mi1903
22Rio Arriba CountyTierra Amarilla404465,858 sq mi1852
23Roosevelt CountyPortales204462,449 sq mi1903
24San Juan CountyAztec1282005,514 sq mi1887
25San Miguel CountyLas Vegas293014,717 sq mi1852
26Sandoval CountyBernalillo1342593,710 sq mi1903
27Santa Fe CountySanta Fe1456481,909 sq mi1852
28Sierra CountyTruth or Consequences119434,180 sq mi1884
29Socorro CountySocorro178736,647 sq mi1852
30Taos CountyTaos329172,203 sq mi1852
31Torrance CountyEstancia163453,345 sq mi1903
32Union CountyClayton44333,830 sq mi1893
33Valencia CountyLos Lunas770701,068 sq mi1852
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