List of Countries in Europe by Region, Population & Area

There are 44 countries in Europe Continent, according to the United Nations. This is full list of countries in Europe by geographic Region, Population & Area

How Many Countries in Europe?

There are 44 countries in Europe Continent, according to the United Nations.

What is the biggest country in Europe?

Russia is the biggest country in Europe, It cover an area of 3,995,200 sq km (39.0%), followed by Ukraine in 603,628 sq km (5.9%), France in 551,695 sq km (5.4%), Spain in 498,511 sq km (4.9%), Sweden in 450,295 sq km (4.4%), Norway in 385,178 sq km (3.8%), Germany in 357,386 sq km (3.5%), Finland in 338,145 sq km.(3.3%), Poland in 312,685 sq km.(3.1%), Italy in 301,338 sq km.(3.0%), United Kingdom in 242,495 sq km. (2.4%), Romania in 238,397 sq km. (2.3%).

What is the smallest country in Europe?

The state of Vatican City (Holy See) is the smallest country in Europe land area in 0.44 Sq Km, followed by Monaco in 1.95 Sq Km, San Marino in 61 Sq Km, Liechtenstein in 160 Sq Km, Malta in 316 Sq Km, Andorra in 468 Sq Km, Luxembourg in 2,586 Sq Km, Montenegro in 13,812 sq km, Slovenia in 20,273 sq km and North Macedonia in 25,713 sq km.

List of Countries in Europe by alphabetical order

#StateRegionPopulation (2020)Total area (km2)Total area (sq mi)
1AlbaniaSouthern Europe2,877,79728,74811,100
2AndorraSouthern Europe77265468181
3AustriaWestern Europe9,006,39883,85832,378
4BelarusEastern Europe9,449,323207,60080,200
5BelgiumWestern Europe11,589,62330,51011,780
6Bosnia and HerzegovinaSouthern Europe3,280,81951,12919,741
7BulgariaEastern Europe6,948,445110,99442,855
8CroatiaSouthern Europe4,105,26756,59421,851
9Czech Republic (Czechia)Eastern Europe10,708,98178,86630,450
10DenmarkNorthern Europe5,792,20244,49317,179
11EstoniaNorthern Europe1,326,53545,33917,505
12FinlandNorthern Europe5,540,720338,145130,559
13FranceWestern Europe65,273,511551,695213,011
14GermanyWestern Europe83,783,942357,386137,988
15GreeceSouthern Europe10,423,054131,94050,940
16Holy SeeSouthern Europe8010.440.17
17HungaryEastern Europe9,660,35193,03035,920
18IcelandNorthern Europe341,243102,77539,682
19IrelandNorthern Europe4,937,78670,27327,133
20ItalySouthern Europe60,461,826301,338116,347
21LatviaNorthern Europe1,886,19864,58924,938
22LiechtensteinWestern Europe3812816062
23LithuaniaNorthern Europe2,722,28965,30025,200
24LuxembourgWestern Europe625,9782,586998
25MaltaSouthern Europe441,543316122
26MoldovaEastern Europe4,033,96333,84613,068
27MonacoWestern Europe392422.020.78
28MontenegroSouthern Europe628,06613,8125,333
29NetherlandsWestern Europe17,134,87241,19815,907
30North MacedoniaSouthern Europe2,083,37425,7139,928
31NorwayNorthern Europe5,421,241385,178148,718
32PolandEastern Europe37,846,611312,685120,728
33PortugalSouthern Europe10,196,70991,56835,355
34RomaniaEastern Europe19,237,691238,39792,046
35RussiaEastern Europe145,934,4623,995,2001,542,600
36San MarinoSouthern Europe339316124
37SerbiaSouthern Europe8,737,37177,45329,905
38SlovakiaEastern Europe5,459,64249,03618,933
39SloveniaSouthern Europe2,078,93820,2737,827
40SpainSouthern Europe46,754,778498,511192,476
41SwedenNorthern Europe10,099,265450,295173,860
42SwitzerlandWestern Europe8,654,62241,29015,940
43UkraineEastern Europe43,733,762603,628233,062
44United KingdomNorthern Europe67,886,011242,49593,628

Transcontinental countries both located in Europe and Asia

Now Europe includes 51 independent states. Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Turkey are transcontinental countries, partially located in both Europe and Asia. Armenia and Cyprus politically are considered European countries, though geographically they are located in the West Asia territory.

#StateRegionPopulationTotal area (km2)Total area (sq mi)
45KazakhstanEastern Europe18,776,707148,000 
46ArmeniaEastern Europe2,963,24329,84311,522
47TurkeySoutheastern Europe84,339,06723,7649,175
48KosovoSoutheastern Europe18.1 lakhs10,8874,203
49CyprusSouthern Europe1,207,3599,2513,572
50AzerbaijanEastern Europe10,139,1776,9602,690
51GeorgiaEastern Europe3,989,1672,428937

Dependencies or other territories

(2020)"Dependency of
1Channel Islands173,863U.K.
2Isle of Man85,033U.K.
3Faeroe Islands48,863Denmark

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