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Where is Latvia?

Location Map of Latvia

Where is Latvia
Where is Latvia located on the world map?
Latvia is a country in the Baltic region of Northern Europe. It is bordered to the south by Lithuania, to the east by the Russia, to the south-east part by Belarus, to the north by Estonia and in the west Sweden.
Riga is the capital city of Latvia.

Quick Facts
Continent Europe
Where is Located Latvia is a country located in the Northern Europe
Coordinates 56.95, 24.1
Capital Riga
Largest City Riga
Neighboring Countries Belarus, Estonia, Lithuania, Russia
Administrative divisions110 municipalities and 9 cities
Area 24,938 sq mi
Official Language Latvian
Currency Lats
ISO Alpha-2 CodeLV
ISO Alpha-3 Code LVA
ISO Numeric Code428
GDP $42,471 billion 2014 estimate
Calling code 371
Time Zone EET (UTC+2)
Internet TLD .lv