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Where is Liechtenstein?

Location Map of Liechtenstein

Where is Liechtenstein
Where is Liechtenstein located on the world map?
The given Liechtenstein location map shows that Liechtenstein is located in the western part of Europe. Liechtenstein map also shows that the small country is double landlocked country.

It shares its international boundaries with Switzerland in the west and south and Austria in the east. Both the neighbor countries are landlocked. Liechtenstein is the predominantly German-speaking country that does not shares its boundary with Germany.

The capital city of Liechtenstein is Vaduz; however, the biggest town is Schaan. Surprisingly, this small country has second highest GDP in the world. The government type of Liechtenstein is a constitutional monarchy. The country is constituted of 11 municipalities. Though, Liechtenstein is not member of European Union but it is the member of the European Free Trade Association and part of the European Economic Area. Above all, Liechtenstein has a strong financial sector located in the capital city Vaduz; surprisingly, it is recognized as tax haven. Most part of the country is mountainous that facilitates it a winter sports destination.