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Where is Moscow, Russia?

Moscow is the capital and most populous city of Russia.

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Location Map of Moscow, Russia

Where is Moscow, Russia

About Map: The map showing location map of Moscow in Russian Federation.

Where is Moscow Located?

Moscow is located on the Moskva River in the western part of European Russia. Moscow is the capital city of Russian Federation. Moscow is most important political, economic, financial, scientific, religious, educational, cultural, and transportation center of Russia. A resident of Moscow is known as Moskvitch, and in English it is Muscovite.

Interestingly, as per the report published by Forbes Magazine 2011, Moscow has maximum number of billionaires (i.e. 79) in the world; it replaced the New York City. City has long history of serving as capital; its Kremlin is one of the popular sites which is also listed as World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Surprisingly, Moscow has comprehensive transit network systems including four international airports, an extensive Moscow Metro, and nine railroad terminals. All these features collectively made Moscow as one of the most significant cities of the world.

Besides, Moscow is one of the most popular tourist's destinations of the world. It has various attractions that fascinate tourists to visit the place. Important of them are museums (most popular is the Tretyakov Gallery), art galleries, Moscow circus and various other landscapes.

Interesting Facts about Moscow

Country: Russian Federation
Political status: Federal city
Established: Around 1140s
Location: Western Russia
Time zone: UTC+04:00
Climate: Humid Continental