Map of Midwest States - USA Midwest States

This is List of Midwestern United States: and their 2020 estimate population, area and largest city.

Map of Midwest USA States

Map of Midwest USA States About Map - Map showing Midwestern United States.

The Midwestern United States consists of 12 states in the north central United States: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. It is one of four census regions of the U.S. Census Bureau. Popular cities in Midwest States are Chicago, Columbus, Indianapolis, Detroit, Milwaukee, Kansas City, Minneapolis, Wichita, Omaha, St. Paul, Cleveland and St. Louis.

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  • List of Midwestern United States

    StatePopulation 2020 EstimateAreaDensityLargest City
    Illinois12,812,50855,518.89 sq mi (143,793.3 sq Km)231/sq mi (89/sq Km)Chicago
    Indiana6,732,21935,826.08 sq mi (92,789.1 sq Km)186/sq mi (72/sq Km)Indianapolis
    Iowa3,155,07055,857.09 sq mi (144,669.2 sq Km)56/sq mi (22/sq Km)Des Moines
    Kansas2,937,88081,758.65 sq mi (211,753.9 sq Km)36/sq mi (14/sq Km)Wichita
    Michigan10,077,33156,538.86 sq mi (146,435.0 sq Km)176/sq mi (68/sq Km)Detroit
    Minnesota5,706,49479,626.68 sq mi (206,232.2 sq Km)70/sq mi (27/sq Km)Minneapolis
    St. Paul
    Missouri6,154,91368,741.47 sq mi (178,039.6 sq Km)89/sq mi (34/sq Km)Kansas City
    St. Louis
    Nebraska1,961,50476,824.11 sq mi (198,973.5 sq Km)25/sq mi (10/sq Km)Omaha
    North Dakota779,09469,000.74 sq mi (178,711.1 sq Km)11/sq mi (4/sq Km)Fargo
    Ohio11,799,44840,860.66 sq mi (105,828.6 sq Km)285/sq mi (110/sq Km)Columbus
    South Dakota886,66775,810.94 sq mi (196,349.4 sq Km)11/sq mi (4/sq Km)Sioux Falls
    Wisconsin5,893,71854,157.76 sq mi (140,268.0 sq Km)107/sq mi (41/sq Km)Milwaukee
    Total68,896,846750,521.93 sq mi (1,943,842.9 sq Km)91/sq mi (35/sq Km

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