Kentucky County Map, List of Counties in Kentucky with Seats

The U.S. state of Kentucky is divided into 120 Counties. Explore the Kentucky County Map, all Counties list along with their County Seats in alphabetical order and their population, areas and the date of formation.

Kentucky County Map

Kentucky County Map About Kentucky County Map: The map showing the county boundary, all counties boundary, state capital and neighbouring states.

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About Counties of Kentucky

Kentucky is a state in the United States of America. Kentucky was accepted and considered as one of the states of Union in the year 1792. The environs states of the Kentucky are Tennessee which is located to the south, Missouri is situated to the west, Illinois and Indiana to the northwest and Ohio lies in the north and northeast. The capital city of the state is Frankfort. The capital city is very popular for its magnificent and splendid capitol buildings. The state was nicknamed as Bluegrass state as state has a lot lush green fields to which blue-purple buds appear during spring. Hence it is called like that. The population of Kentucky is expected to have reached 4.51 million by 2021 that ranks as 25th state in terms of population. Kentucky is spread across 39486 square miles that accounts for 102269 square kilometers.

Kentucky for the ease of administration is sub- divided into 120 counties. Pike County is considered as the largest and biggest county in the state which has 787.6 square miles of arena. The tiniest county in terms of area is Gallatin County. The most populous county in the state of Kentucky is Jefferson County while least populated county is Robertson County which second smallest county in area. Kentucky itself was a county once upon a time in the state of Virginia. When it attained statehood, it had 9 counties. Jefferson is the oldest county of the state. The wealthiest county in Kentucky is Oldham while the poorest county is McCreary County. In fact, McCreary is the poorest of all the counties of United States of America. There are 419 cities in Kentucky.

Kentucky has three branches of the government. They are Executive branch which is headed by the governor, Legislative branch that consists of General Assembly and Senate and Judicial branch the supreme power is given to the supreme court. Every County has its own legislative council which is known as fiscal court. By law the fiscal court may either be consisting of three commissioners or judges of the county.

The U.S. state of Kentucky has 120 Counties. This is list of Kentucky Counties and County Seats in alphabetical order along with check their population, areas and the date of formation.

List of Counties in Kentucky with County Seats

CountyFounding OrderFIPS codeFounding DateCounty seatParent CountyPopulation (2021)Area
Jefferson County1 of 3 original counties1111780LouisvilleKentucky County777,874385 sq mi (997 km2)
Lincoln County1 of 3 original counties1371780StanfordKentucky County24,243337 sq mi (873 km2)
Fayette County1 of 3 original counties671780LexingtonKentucky County321,793284 sq mi (736 km2)
Nelson County41791784BardstownJefferson County47,098423 sq mi (1,096 km2)
Bourbon County5171785ParisFayette County20,229291 sq mi (754 km2)
Mercer County61671785HarrodsburgLincoln County22,850251 sq mi (650 km2)
Madison County71511785RichmondLincoln County94,666441 sq mi (1,142 km2)
Mason County81611788MaysvilleBourbon County16,931241 sq mi (624 km2)
Woodford County92391788VersaillesFayette County27,075191 sq mi (495 km2)
Washington County102291792SpringfieldJefferson County12,072301 sq mi (780 km2)
Scott County112091792GeorgetownWoodford County58,252285 sq mi (738 km2)
Shelby County122111792ShelbyvilleJefferson County48,461384 sq mi (995 km2)
Logan County131411792RussellvilleLincoln County27,771556 sq mi (1,440 km2)
Clark County14491792WinchesterBourbon County and Fayette County36,871254 sq mi (658 km2)
Hardin County15931792ElizabethtownNelson County111,607628 sq mi (1,627 km2)
Green County16871792GreensburgLincoln County and Nelson County11,291289 sq mi (749 km2)
Harrison County17971793CynthianaBourbon County and Scott County18,950310 sq mi (803 km2)
Franklin County18731794FrankfortMercer County, Shelby County, and Woodford County51,682210 sq mi (544 km2)
Campbell County19371794Alexandria and NewportHarrison County, Mason County and Scott County93,050152 sq mi (394 km2)
Bullitt County20291796ShepherdsvilleJefferson County and Nelson County82,918299 sq mi (774 km2)
Christian County21471796HopkinsvilleLogan County72,357721 sq mi (1,867 km2)
Montgomery County221731796Mount SterlingClark County28,219199 sq mi (515 km2)
Bracken County23231796BrooksvilleMason County and Campbell County8,439203 sq mi (526 km2)
Warren County242271796Bowling GreenLogan County137,212545 sq mi (1,412 km2)
Garrard County25791796LancasterMadison County, Lincoln County, and Mercer County17,362231 sq mi (598 km2)
Fleming County26691798FlemingsburgMason County15,224351 sq mi (909 km2)
Pulaski County271991798SomersetGreen County and Lincoln County65,423662 sq mi (1,715 km2)
Pendleton County281911798FalmouthCampbell County and Bracken County14,607280 sq mi (725 km2)
Livingston County291391799SmithlandChristian County8,959316 sq mi (818 km2)
Boone County30151798BurlingtonCampbell County137,412246 sq mi (637 km2)
Henry County311031798New CastleShelby County15,657289 sq mi (749 km2)
Cumberland County32571798BurkesvilleGreen County5,879306 sq mi (793 km2)
Gallatin County33771798WarsawFranklin County and Shelby County8,775105 sq mi (272 km2)
Muhlenberg County341771798GreenvilleChristian County and Logan County30,694475 sq mi (1,230 km2)
Ohio County351831798HartfordHardin County23,688594 sq mi (1,538 km2)
Jessamine County361131798NicholasvilleFayette County53,626173 sq mi (448 km2)
Barren County3791798GlasgowGreen County and Warren County44,544491 sq mi (1,272 km2)
Henderson County381011798HendersonChristian County44,329440 sq mi (1,140 km2)
Breckinridge County39271799HardinsburgHardin County20,651572 sq mi (1,481 km2)
Floyd County40711800PrestonsburgFleming County, Montgomery County, and Mason County35,274394 sq mi (1,020 km2)
Knox County411211799BarbourvilleLincoln County29,909388 sq mi (1,005 km2)
Nicholas County421811799CarlisleMason County and Bourbon County7,712197 sq mi (510 km2)
Wayne County432311800MonticelloPulaski County and Cumberland County19,540459 sq mi (1,189 km2)
Adair County4411802ColumbiaGreen County18,932407 sq mi (1,054 km2)
Greenup County45891803GreenupMason County35,649346 sq mi (896 km2)
Casey County46451806LibertyLincoln County15,866446 sq mi (1,155 km2)
Clay County47511807ManchesterMadison County, Floyd County, and Knox County20,206471 sq mi (1,220 km2)
Lewis County481351806VanceburgMason County12,987484 sq mi (1,254 km2)
Hopkins County491071806MadisonvilleHenderson County45,138551 sq mi (1,427 km2)
Estill County50651808IrvineClark County and Madison County14,092254 sq mi (658 km2)
Caldwell County51331809PrincetonLivingston County12,624347 sq mi (899 km2)
Rockcastle County522031810Mount VernonLincoln County, Madison County, Knox County and Pulaski County16,115318 sq mi (824 km2)
Butler County53311810MorgantownLogan County and Ohio County12,294428 sq mi (1,109 km2)
Grayson County54851810LeitchfieldHardin County and Ohio County26,524504 sq mi (1,305 km2)
Union County552251811MorganfieldHenderson County13,544345 sq mi (894 km2)
Bath County56111811OwingsvilleMontgomery County12,778279 sq mi (723 km2)
Allen County5731815ScottsvilleBarren County and Warren County20,797346 sq mi (896 km2)
Daviess County58591815OwensboroOhio County103,063462 sq mi (1,197 km2)
Whitley County592351818WilliamsburgKnox County36,939440 sq mi (1,140 km2)
Harlan County60951819HarlanKnox County26,164467 sq mi (1,210 km2)
Hart County61991819MunfordvilleHardin County and Barren County19,460416 sq mi (1,077 km2)
Owen County621871819OwentonFranklin County, Gallatin County and Scott County11,294352 sq mi (912 km2)
Simpson County632131819FranklinAllen County, Logan County and Warren County19,718236 sq mi (611 km2)
Todd County642191819ElktonLogan County and Christian County12,285376 sq mi (974 km2)
Monroe County651711820TompkinsvilleBarren County and Cumberland County11,233331 sq mi (857 km2)
Trigg County662211820CadizChristian County and Caldwell County14,192443 sq mi (1,147 km2)
Grant County67811820WilliamstownPendleton County25,244260 sq mi (673 km2)
Perry County681931820HazardFloyd County and Clay County27,929342 sq mi (886 km2)
Lawrence County691271821LouisaGreenup County and Floyd County16,290419 sq mi (1,085 km2)
Pike County701951821PikevilleFloyd County57,391788 sq mi (2,041 km2)
Hickman County711051821ClintonChristian County4,424244 sq mi (632 km2)
Calloway County72351822MurrayHickman County37,560386 sq mi (1,000 km2)
Morgan County731751822West LibertyBath County and Floyd County13,820381 sq mi (987 km2)
Oldham County741851823La GrangeHenry County, Jefferson County and Shelby County68,685189 sq mi (490 km2)
Graves County75831824MayfieldHickman County36,615556 sq mi (1,440 km2)
Meade County761631823BrandenburgBreckinridge County and Hardin County30,131308 sq mi (798 km2)
Spencer County772151824TaylorsvilleNelson County, Shelby County, and Bullitt County19,916186 sq mi (482 km2)
McCracken County781451825PaducahHickman County67,454251 sq mi (650 km2)
Edmonson County79611825BrownsvilleHart County, Grayson County, and Warren County12,291303 sq mi (785 km2)
Laurel County801251825LondonRockcastle County, Clay County, Knox County and Whitley County62,561436 sq mi (1,129 km2)
Russell County812071825JamestownAdair County, Wayne County and Cumberland County18,156254 sq mi (658 km2)
Anderson County8251827LawrenceburgFranklin County, Washington County and Mercer County24,035203 sq mi (526 km2)
Hancock County83911829HawesvilleOhio County, Breckinridge County, and Daviess County9,064189 sq mi (490 km2)
Marion County841551834LebanonWashington County19,725347 sq mi (899 km2)
Clinton County85531835AlbanyCumberland County and Wayne County9,265198 sq mi (513 km2)
Trimble County862231837BedfordGallatin County, Henry County and Oldham County8,530149 sq mi (386 km2)
Carroll County87411838CarrolltonGallatin County, Trimble County, and Henry county10,863130 sq mi (337 km2)
Carter County88431838GraysonGreenup County and Lawrence County26,412411 sq mi (1,064 km2)
Breathitt County89251839JacksonClay County, Perry County and Estill County13,553495 sq mi (1,282 km2)
Kenton County901171840Covington and IndependenceCampbell County169,495163 sq mi (422 km2)
Crittenden County91551842MarionLivingston County8,947362 sq mi (938 km2)
Marshall County921571842BentonCalloway County31,748305 sq mi (790 km2)
Ballard County9371842WickliffeHickman County and McCracken County7,695251 sq mi (650 km2)
Boyle County94211842DanvilleLincoln County and Mercer County30,747182 sq mi (471 km2)
Letcher County951331842WhitesburgPerry County and Harlan County21,253339 sq mi (878 km2)
Owsley County961891843BoonevilleBreathitt County, Clay County, and Estill County3,953198 sq mi (513 km2)
Johnson County971151843PaintsvilleFloyd County, Lawrence County, and Morgan County22,556262 sq mi (679 km2)
LaRue County981231843HodgenvilleHardin County15,028263 sq mi (681 km2)
Fulton County99751845HickmanHickman County6,512209 sq mi (541 km2)
Taylor County1002171848CampbellsvilleGreen County26,235270 sq mi (699 km2)
Powell County1011971852StantonClark County, Estill County, and Montgomery County13,133180 sq mi (466 km2)
Lyon County1021431854EddyvilleCaldwell County8,803216 sq mi (559 km2)
McLean County1031491854CalhounDaviess County, Muhlenberg County and Ohio County9,100254 sq mi (658 km2)
Rowan County1042051856MoreheadFleming County and Morgan County24,861281 sq mi (728 km2)
Jackson County1051091858McKeeMadison County, Estill County, Owsley County, Clay County, Laurel County, and Rockcastle County12,984346 sq mi (896 km2)
Metcalfe County1061691860EdmontonBarren County, Hart County, Green County, Adair County, Cumberland County and Monroe County10,349291 sq mi (754 km2)
Boyd County107191860CatlettsburgGreenup County, Carter County and Lawrence County47,899160 sq mi (414 km2)
Magoffin County1081531860SalyersvilleFloyd County, Johnson County and Morgan County11,497310 sq mi (803 km2)
Webster County1092331860DixonHenderson County, Hopkins County, and Union County12,813335 sq mi (868 km2)
Wolfe County1102371860CamptonBreathitt County, Owsley County, and Powell County6,507223 sq mi (578 km2)
Robertson County1112011867Mount OlivetBracken County, Harrison County, Mason County, and Nicholas County2,257100 sq mi (259 km2)
Bell County112131867PinevilleHarlan County and Knox County23,858361 sq mi (935 km2)
Menifee County1131651869FrenchburgBath County, Montgomery County, Morgan County, Powell County and Wolfe County6,194204 sq mi (528 km2)
Elliott County114631869Sandy HookMorgan County, Lawrence County, and Carter County7,381234 sq mi (606 km2)
Lee County1151291870BeattyvilleBreathitt County, Estill County, Owsley County, and Wolfe County7,451210 sq mi (544 km2)
Martin County1161591870InezFloyd County, Johnson County, Pike County, and Lawrence County11,140231 sq mi (598 km2)
Leslie County1171311878HydenClay County, Harlan County and Perry County10,278404 sq mi (1,046 km2)
Knott County1181191884HindmanPerry County, Letcher County, Floyd County, and Breathitt County14,053352 sq mi (912 km2)
Carlisle County119391886BardwellHickman County4,791192 sq mi (497 km2)
McCreary County1201471912Whitley CityPulaski County, Wayne County, Whitley County16,892428 sq mi (1,109 km2)
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