Vermont County Map, List of Counties in Vermont

The U.S. state of Vermont is divided into 14 Counties. Explore the Vermont County Map, all Counties list along with their County Seats in alphabetical order and their population, areas and the date of formation.

Vermont County Map

Vermont County Map About Vermont County Map: The map showing the county boundary, all counties boundary, state capital and neighbouring states.
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    U.S State of Vermont is one of the fifty states, which is located in the New England region of the country. The state is the sixth tiniest state by geographical area. Vermont is the second least populated state United States. The state is bordered with Massachusetts to the south, New Hampshire is located in the east, New York bordered the state in the west, and Quebec which is a Canadian province located in the north. The capital city of Vermont is Montpelier.

    Counties of Vermont are 14 in number. These counties are further divided into 255 political divisions. There are 237 towns, 9 cities, 5 unincorporated areas. One of the Counties of Vermont namely Chittenden County has the highest population with 168,323. The other counties of Vermont, Rutland and Washington stand as second and third in position in terms of population. Of all the Counties of Vermont Essex County is the tiniest county which is positioned in the north-eastern region of the state. Windsor County is the biggest county geographically with 969.34 square miles. Rutland county stands in second position, Windham County third in position both have occupied the state with 929.82 square miles and 785.30 square miles respectively.

    U.S state of Vermont is governed by the supreme law of the land which is nothing but the constitution of the state. The constitution is guiding source of the government. According to the constitution of the state the duties are divided and vested upon legislative, executive and judicial branches. The local governance consists of incorporated municipalities. These incorporated municipalities include cities, towns and villages of the state. Counties of Vermont provide a wide range of services to the citizens of the state. All the services provided by counties are funded by the state. The services like a road network, old age homes and other infrastructure do not fall under the domain of Counties of Vermont and the governance.

    The U.S. state of Vermont has 14 Counties. This is list of Vermont Counties and County Seats in alphabetical order along with check their population, areas and the date of formation.

    List of Counties in Vermont with County Seats

    S.NCountyCounty SeatPopulationArea Formed
    1Addison CountyMiddlebury37,035770 sq mi1785
    2Bennington CountyBennington and Manchester36,317676 sq mi1779
    3Caledonia CountySt. Johnsbury30,780651 sq mi1792
    4Chittenden CountyBurlington161,382539 sq mi1787
    5Essex County Guildhall6,163665 sq mi1792
    6Franklin CountySt. Albans (city)48,799637 sq mi1792
    7Grand Isle CountyNorth Hero6,86183 sq mi1802
    8Lamoille CountyHyde Park (town)25,235461 sq mi1835
    9Orange CountyChelsea28,899689 sq mi1781
    10Orleans CountyNewport (city)27,100697 sq mi1792
    11Rutland CountyRutland (city)59,736932 sq mi1781
    12Washington CountyMontpelier58,612690 sq mi1810
    13Windham CountyNewfane43,386789 sq mi 1779
    14Windsor CountyWoodstock55,737971 sq mi1781
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