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Most Powerful Countries in the World

The World's Powerful countries, based on economic capability index, military capability index, population capability index, technological capability index, energy security index, foreign affairs capability index and composite index.

Top Ten Powerful Countries in the World

RanksCountry Economic Capability Index Military Capability IndexPopulation Capability Index Technological Capability Index Energy Security Index Foreign Affairs Capability Index Composite Index
1United States 95.697.534.379.8123.7410077.77
2China 49.377.189.748.7515.0847.858.66
3Russia 8.577.720.247.6547.6470.243.36
4France 16.972.620.958.0110.0580.443.24
5Japan 38.750.925.372.931.3856.542.9
6United Kingdom 20.366.120.153.7314.3473.141.42
7Germany 31.952.323.456.576.7660.839.77
8India 13.857.853.626.419.1445.835.4
9Canada 11.738.120.75051.8446.532.86
10Israel 3.163.318.370.870.3221.732.19
Source : National Power Index