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Where is Tucson, AZ?

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Location of Tucson on a Map

Where is Tucson, Arizona
About Map: Map showing the Location of Tucson, AZ in the US.
Tucson is located in the south-east of the state, It is the second-largest populated city in the state of Arizona behind Phoenix, and the 33rd largest city and the 52nd largest metropolitan area in the United States.

1Country USA
2State Arizona
3Location South-East
4Latitude 32.13′18″N
5Longitude 110.55′35″W
6Total area588km2 ( 227 sq mi )
7Total Population525,796
8Zip Codes85701
9Area code520
10Nearby Cities Marana, Green Valley, Catalina Foothills, Oro Valley
11Major Tourists' Attraction Amerind Foundation, Mission San Xavier, Mission San Xavier, Hotel Congress
12Nearest airport Tucson International Airport (about 9 miles)