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Where is St Louis

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Location Map of St. Louis, MO

Where is St. Louis

Map showing Location Map of St. Louis in the Missouri State, USA.
St. Louis is located in the eastern part of the Missouri. It is is the 15th-largest city based on population in the country, and the largest metro area in the state of Missouri.

Sr. NoFact sheet St. Louis
1Country USA
2State Missouri
3Location Eastern part of the State
4Latitude 38.37′38″N
5Longitude 90.11′52″W
6Total area171km2 ( 66 sq mi )
7Total Population318,069
8Zip Codes63101
9Area code 314, 636
10Nearby Cities Cahokia, East St. Louis, Lemay, Affton
11Major Tourists' Attraction Gateway Arch, Busch stadium, Fox Theatre, Forest Park
12Nearest airport Lambert-St. Louis International Airport (about 15 miles)