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Where is Missouri?

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Where is Missouri
Map showing location of Missouri on the US map.
The given Missouri location map shows that Missouri is located in the mid-western part of the US. Missouri map also shows that Missouri shares its state border with Illinois in the east, Iowa in the north, Nebraska in the north-west, Kansas in the west, Oklahoma in the south-west, Arkansas in the south, and Tennessee in the south-east.
Jefferson City is the capital of Missouri. In fact, Missouri was originally the part of France and it has been purchased from France and then defined as the Missouri Territory. However, after remaining as the Part of the Missouri Territory has admitted into the union as the 24th state on August 10, 1821.
Interestingly, it has both Midwestern and Southern cultural influences that reflects its history as a border state. Furthermore, it is also a transition between the Eastern and Western United States; St. Louis city is often called as "western-most Eastern city" and Kansas City as eastern-most Western city.
St. Louis city is located nearby the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri rivers. In addition, the mean center of United States population is currently in Missouri. The climate type of Missouri is humid continental climate.
Some of the important cities of Missouri are St. Louis, Kansas City, Springfield, and Columbia.

Missouri State - Quick Facts

Country:United States
Region Type: State
Capital:Jefferson City
Abbreviation:MO, US-MO
Largest City:Kansas City
Area:69,709 sq mi (180,533 km2)
Population:6,044,171 (2013 est.)
Joined The Union:August 10, 1821 (24th)
Nickname:Show-Me State
Highest Point:Taum Sauk Mountain
Lowest Point:Saint Francis River at southern Arkansas border
Timezone:Central: UTC −6/−5
Official Website:https://www.mo.gov/