Where is Iowa (IA)?

Iowa is a landlocked state located in the Midwestern United States. Iowa is lies at a latitude of 41.8780° N and a longitude of 93.0977° W.

Location Map of Iowa State

Where is Iowa Located?

Iowa is more popularly known as the “American Heartland” hence, Iowa is located in almost central north region of the country as shown in the Iowa location map. It is a landlocked state that shares boundary with six states; Minnesota in the north, South Dakota in the north-west, Nebraska in the west, Missouri in the south, Illinois in the east and south-east, and Wisconsin makes boundary with it in the north-east.

In fact, Iowa’s economy is largely agriculture based and it is heart of the Corn Belt of the US. This is because it is known as Food Capital of the World. However, in the modern world, the Iowa US has many other sectors developed and contribute equally in states income, for example manufacturing, processing, biotechnology, financial services, and green energy production. The most interesting fact about the Iowa US is, it is recognized as one of the safest states where to live.

The map of Iowa state is very helpful for the detail geographic information about the state. To find the city, route direction, climate, and many other facts, people need Iowa state maps. However, the given detailed Iowa map gives the information about the major cities including the largest capital city Des Moines, and other small but significant cities and towns. The Iowa state map also illustrates the railways and roadways with numbers in details so that you can find the route and distance in minutes.

Iowa State Facts

Country:United States
Type: State
Iowa Coordinates: 44.5588° N, 72.5778° W
Capital:Des Moines
Abbreviation:IA, US-IA
Largest City:Des Moines
Total Counties in Iowa:99 counties
Area:56,272 sq mi (145,743 km2) 26th largest state in the US
Population:3,155,070 [31st] (2013 est)
Joined The Union:December 28, 1846 (29th)
Nickname:The Hawkeye State
Highest Point:Hawkeye Point
Lowest Point:Confluence of Mississippi River and Des Moines River
Timezone:Central: UTC -6/-5
Official Website:https://www.iowa.gov/