North Dakota County Map, List of Counties in North Dakota with Seats

The U.S. state of North Dakota is divided into 53 Counties. Explore the North Dakota County Map, all Counties list along with their County Seats in alphabetical order and their population, areas and the date of formation.

North Dakota County Map

About Counties of North Dakota

North Dakota joined in the union as a 39th state and became one of the states of United States in the year 1889. It was Benjamin Harrison who was then President of the country gave the approval. U.S State of North Dakota is situated in the Midwest region of the country. The state shares the borders with South Dakota in south, Montana in west and Canadian regions of Saskatchewan and Manitoba in north and Minnesota in the east. North Dakota is in fact 19th biggest state in its size. The state ranks 4th least populous state in the country. North Dakota`s capital city is Bismarck which in Burleigh county. The state produces different types of wheat like spring wheat and durum wheat, peas, beans and honey. North Dakota is number one producer of honey.

Counties of North Dakota are 53 in number. Of all the Counties of North Dakota the biggest county by area is McKenzie which covers 2,760.32 square miles. The tinniest county is Eddy County in size in the state of North Dakota. The highest Per Capita Income earning county is Burke with $ 32,347 and the county called Mercer is in second place in securing the second highest Per Capita Income with $30,616. Counties of North Dakota that have high density of population are Cass County with population 184,525 Burleigh County and Grand Forks County with population of 98,458 and 73,170 respectively.

According to the constitution of North Dakota the government is set up. The state has got three branches of the government. They are Legislative branch which makes the laws of the land, Executive branch that carries out the rules and regulations and judiciary branch which interprets the laws. Counties of North Dakota and citizens value the local government of the state. The local government comprised of 53 counties, 1314 towns and 357 cities, 759 special districts and 183 independent school districts.

The U.S. state of North Dakota has 53 Counties. This is list of North Dakota Counties and County Seats in alphabetical order along with check their population, areas and the date of formation.

List of Counties in North Dakota with County Seats

S.NCountyCounty SeatPopulation(2011)Area Formed
1Adams CountyHettinger2,343988 sq mi1885
2Barnes CountyValley City11,0661,492 sq mi1875
3Benson CountyMinnewaukan6,6601,389 sq mi1883
4Billings CountyMedora7831,152 sq mi1879
5Bottineau CountyBottineau6,4291,669 sq mi1873
6Bowman CountyBowman3,1511,162 sq mi1883
7Burke CountyBowbells1,9681,104 sq mi1910
8Burleigh CountyBismarck81,3081,633 sq mi1873
9Cass CountyFargo149,7781,766 sq mi1873
10Cavalier CountyLangdon3,9931,489 sq mi1873
11Dickey CountyEllendale5,2891,131 sq mi1881
12Divide CountyCrosby2,0711,259 sq mi1910
13Dunn CountyManning3,5362,010 sq mi1883
14Eddy CountyNew Rockford2,385632 sq mi1885
15Emmons CountyLinton3,5501,510 sq mi1879
16Foster CountyCarrington3,343635 sq mi1873
17Golden Valley CountyBeach1,6801,002 sq mi1912
18Grand Forks CountyGrand Forks66,8611,438 sq mi1873
19Grant CountyCarson2,3941,660 sq mi1916
20Griggs CountyCooperstown2,420708 sq mi1881
21Hettinger CountyMott2,4771,132 sq mi1883
22Kidder CountySteele2,4351,352 sq mi1873
23LaMoure CountyLaMoure4,1391,147 sq mi1873
24Logan CountyNapoleon1,990993 sq mi1873
25McHenry CountyTowner5,3951,874 sq mi1873
26McIntosh CountyAshley2,809975 sq mi1883
27McKenzie CountyWatford City6,3602,742 sq mi1905
28McLean CountyWashburn8,9622,110 sq mi1883
29Mercer CountyStanton8,4241,045 sq mi1875
30Morton CountyMandan27,4711,926 sq mi1873
31Mountrail CountyStanley7,6731,824 sq mi1873
32Nelson CountyLakota3,126982 sq mi1883
33Oliver CountyCenter1,846724 sq mi1885
34Pembina CountyCavalier7,4131,119 sq mi1867
35Pierce CountyRugby4,3571,018 sq mi1887
36Ramsey CountyDevils Lake11,4511,186 sq mi1873
37Ransom CountyLisbon5,457863 sq mi1873
38Renville CountyMohall2,470875 sq mi1873
39Richland CountyWahpeton16,3211,437 sq mi1873
40Rolette CountyRolla13,937902 sq mi1873
41Sargent CountyForman3,829859 sq mi1883
42Sheridan CountyMcClusky1,321972 sq mi1873
43Sioux CountyFort Yates4,1531,094 sq mi1915
44Slope CountyAmidon7271,218 sq mi1915
45Stark CountyDickinson24,1991,338 sq mi1879
46Steele CountyFinley1,975712 sq mi1883
47Stutsman CountyJamestown21,1002,222 sq mi1873
48Towner CountyCando2,2461,025 sq mi1883
49Traill CountyHillsboro8,121862 sq mi1875
50Walsh CountyGrafton11,1191,282 sq mi1881
51Ward CountyMinot61,6752,013 sq mi1888
52Wells CountyFessenden4,2071,271 sq mi1873
53Williams CountyWilliston22,3982,071 sq mi1890
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