USA Physical Map

Physical Map of USA showing the geographical features of the United States of America such as rivers, lakes, mountain peaks, elevations, plateaus, plains, topography, water bodies and many other physical features.

USA Physical Map

Physical Map of the United States

A physical map of the United States that features mountains, landforms, plateaus, lakes, rivers, major cities, and capitals is provided on this page. The United States has land borders with both Canada and Mexico to the north and south of it. It also has territorial water borders with Russia in the northwest and Florida and Cuba and the Bahamas in the southeast. The contiguous forty-eight states are otherwise bounded on the west by the Pacific Ocean, on the east by the Atlantic Ocean, and on the southeast by the Gulf of Mexico. Alaska is bounded to the south and southwest by the Pacific Ocean, to the west by the Bering Strait, and to the north by the Arctic Ocean, while Hawaii is located far to the southwest of the mainland in the Pacific Ocean.

The geography of the eastern United States is diverse. The Florida peninsula is part of a vast, flat coastal plain that runs along the Atlantic and Gulf beaches from the Texas-Mexico boundary to New York City. The longest and largest beaches in the United States are made up largely of soft, white sands over this huge coastal plain and barrier islands. A group of coral islands known as the Florida Keys extend to the southernmost city on the American mainland. Further, inland, there are undulating hills, mountains, and a variety of damp and wet temperate and subtropical forests. The five Great Lakes are found in the north-central region of the country, with only Lake Michigan wholly within the United States. Four of the Great Lakes are part of the Canadian border.

In the USA, there are 73,301 named mountains. Denali is the tallest and most prominent mountain. The United States is third in terms of area in the world with 3.8 million square miles. All these mountains can be found in Physical Map of the United States, which is provided on this page.

There are more than 250,000 rivers in the United States, totaling around 3,500,000 miles. The Missouri River, a tributary of the Mississippi River, is 2,540 miles long and the longest river in the USA, but the Mississippi River, which is deeper, has the most water volume. Missouri River is the largest river and other prominent rivers like Mississippi River, Yukon River ,Rio Grande, Arkansas River, Colorado River, Red River, Columbia River...etc can be found in Physical Map of the United States.

The United States has about 250 fresh-water lakes that are known to have surface areas of 10 square miles or more. Nearly 100 of these are in Alaska and 100 in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, New York, and Maine. The five Great Lakes of USA are Superior, Huron, Michigan, Erie and Ontario. All the lakes that are located in USA can be seen in this Physical Map of the United States given here.

The North American Desert is made up of the four principal deserts in the United States, which are the Great Basin, Mojave, Sonoran, and Chihuahuan. These deserts are all found in the western United States. Sonoran and Chihuahuan even extend into parts of Mexico. These great deserts can be witnessed in the Physical Map of the United States.

Major Mountain Peaks in the United States

NameStateHeight (ft.)NameStateHeight (ft.)
Denali 1Alaska20,320Mt. WrangellAlaska14,163
Mt. St. EliasAlaska18,008Mt. SillCalif.14,162
Mt. ForakerAlaska17,400Mt. ShastaCalif.14,162
Mt. BonaAlaska16,500El Diente PeakColo.14,159
Mt. BlackburnAlaska16,390Point SuccessWash.14,158
Mt. SanfordAlaska16,237Maroon PeakColo.14,156
Mt. VancouverAlaska15,979Tabeguache Mtn.Colo.14,155
South ButtressAlaska15,885Mt. OxfordColo.14,153
Mt. ChurchillAlaska15,638Mt. SneffelsColo.14,150
Mt. FairweatherAlaska15,300Mt. DemocratColo.14,148
Mt. HubbardAlaska14,950Capitol PeakColo.14,130
Mt. BearAlaska14,831Liberty CapWash.14,112
East ButtressAlaska14,730Pikes PeakColo.14,110
Mt. HunterAlaska14,573Snowmass Mtn.Colo.14,092
Browne TowerAlaska14,530Mt. RussellCalif.14,088
Mt. AlverstoneAlaska14,500Mt. EolusColo.14,083
Mt. WhitneyCalif.144,941Windom PeakColo.14,082
University PeakAlaska14,470Mt. ColumbiaColo.14,073
Mt. ElbertColo.14,433Mt. AugustaAlaska14,070
Mt. MassiveColo.14,421Missouri Mtn.Colo.14,067
Mt. HarvardColo.14,420Humboldt PeakColo.14,064
Mt. RainierWash.14,410Mt. BierstadtColo.14,060
Mt. WilliamsonCalif.14,370Sunlight PeakColo.14,059
La Plata PeakColo.14,361Split Mtn.Calif.14,058
Blanca PeakColo.14,345Handies PeakColo.14,048
Uncompahgre PeakColo.14,309Culebra PeakColo.14,047
Crestone PeakColo.14,294Mt. LindseyColo.14,042
Mt. LincolnColo.14,286Ellingwood PointColo.14,042
Grays PeakColo.14,270Middle PalisadeCalif.14,040
Mt. AnteroColo.14,269Little Bear PeakColo.14,037
Torreys PeakColo.14,267Mt. ShermanColo.14,036
Castle PeakColo.14,265Redcloud PeakColo.14,034
Quandary PeakColo.14,265Mt. LangleyCalif.14,027
Mt. EvansColo.14,264Conundrum PeakColo.14,022
Longs PeakColo.14,255Mt. TyndallCalif.14,019
Mt. WilsonColo.14,246Pyramid PeakColo.14,018
White Mtn.Calif.14,246Wilson PeakColo.14,017
North PalisadeCalif.14,242Wetterhorn PeakColo.14,015
Mt. CameronColo.14,238North Maroon PeakColo.14,014
Mt. ShavanoColo.14,229San Luis PeakColo.14,014
Crestone NeedleColo.14,197Middle PalisadeCalif.14,012
Mt. BelfordColo.14,197Mt. MuirCalif.14,012
Mt. PrincetonColo.14,197Mt. of the Holy CrossColo.14,005
Mt. YaleColo.14,196Huron PeakColo.14,003
Mt. BrossColo.14,172Thunderbolt PeakCalif.14,003
Kit Carson Mtn.Colo.14,165Sunshine PeakColo.14,001

Longest rivers of the United States

#NameMouth[5]LengthStates Covered
1Missouri RiverMississippi River2,341 mi (3,768 km)Montanas, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansasissourim
2Mississippi RiverGulf of Mexico2,202 mi (3,544 km)Minnesotas, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinoisissouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansasississippi, Louisianam
3Yukon RiverBering Sea1,979 mi (3,190 km)British Columbias, Yukon Territory, Alaskam
4Rio GrandeGulf of Mexico1,759 mi (2,830 km)Colorados, New Mexico, Texasm, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Nuevo León, Tamaulipasm
5Colorado RiverGulf of California1,450 mi (2,330 km)Colorados, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, California, Sonoram, Baja Californiam
6Arkansas RiverMississippi River1,443 mi (2,322 km)Colorados, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansasm
7Columbia RiverPacific Ocean1,243 miBritish Columbias, Washingtonm, Oregonm
8Red RiverAtchafalaya and Mississippi rivers1,125 mi (1,811 km)Oklahomas, Texas, Arkansas, Louisianam
9Snake RiverColumbia River1,040 mi (1,674 km)Wyomings, Idaho, Oregon, Washingtonm
10Ohio RiverMississippi River979 mi (1,575 km)Pennsylvanias, Ohio, West Virginia, Indiana, Illinois, Kentuckym
11Colorado River of TexasGulf of Mexico970 mi (1,560 km)Texass
12Tennessee RiverOhio River935 mi (1,504 km)Tennessees, Alabama, Kentuckym
13Canadian RiverArkansas River906 mi (1,458 km)Colorados, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahomam
14Brazos RiverGulf of Mexico860 mi (1,390 km)Texass
15Green RiverColorado River760 mi (1,230 km)Wyomings, Colorado, Utahm
16Pecos RiverRio Grande730 mi (1,175 km)New Mexicos, Texasm
17White River (Arkansas)Mississippi River720 mi (1,159 km)Arkansassissouri
18James RiverMissouri River710 mi (1,140 km)North Dakotas, South Dakotam
19Kuskokwim RiverBering Sea702 mi (1,130 km)Alaskas
20Cimarron RiverArkansas River698 mi (1,123 km)Oklahomas, Colorado, Kansas
21Cumberland RiverOhio River696 mi (1,120 km)Kentuckys, Tennessee
22Yellowstone RiverMissouri River678 mi (1,091 km)Wyomingsontana, North Dakotam
23North Platte RiverPlatte River665 mi (1,070 km)Colorados, Wyoming, Nebraskam
24Milk RiverMissouri River625 mi (1,005 km)Albertaontanas
25Ouachita RiverBlack River605 mi (974 km)Arkansass, Louisianam
26Saint Lawrence RiverGulf of Saint Lawrence600 mi (965 km)New Yorks, Ontarios, Quebecm
27Gila RiverColorado River600 mi (960 km)New Mexicos, Arizonam
28Sheyenne RiverRed River of the North591 mi (951 km)North Dakotas
29Tanana RiverYukon River584 mi (940 km)Alaskas
30Smoky Hill RiverKansas River576 mi (927 km)Colorados, Kansasm
31Niobrara RiverMissouri River568 mi (914 km)Wyomings, Nebraskam
32Little Missouri RiverMissouri River560 mi (900 km)Wyomingsontana, South Dakota, North Dakotam
33Sabine RiverGulf of Mexico553 mi (890 km)Texass, Louisianam
34Red River of the NorthLake Winnipeg550 mi (890 km)North Dakotasinnesotasanitobam
35Des Moines RiverMississippi River525 mi (845 km)Minnesotasissouri, Iowam
36White River (Missouri River)Missouri River506 mi (815 km)Nebraskas, South Dakotam
37Trinity RiverGalveston Bay506 mi (815 km)Texass
38Wabash RiverOhio River503 mi (810 km)Ohios, Indianam, Illinoism