US Zip Code Map

United States Zip Codes provides a free zip code map and check out the Complete List of US Zip Codes by State.

United States Zip Code Map

US Zip Code Map About Map: The Map showing Zip Codes of United States (US).

What is a Zip Code?

ZIP code is a postal code system used in the United States of America by its Postal system known as the UPPS. ZIP basically means Zone Improvement Plan. The concept of ZIP code was introduced to ensure that all the mails get delivered quickly and efficiently. ZIP code primarily consists of a five digit number like 55416. These five numbers are extended after putting a hyphen by 4 numbers, which is also called as ZIP +4. For example 55416-4214.

The first digit of the ZIP code corresponds to the specific group of US states it belongs to. The second and the third digit correspond to a specific region of the group state it belongs to. Fourth and the fifth digit correspond to the delivery address group pertaining to that specific region.

United States Zip Codes by State

StateZIP Code
Alabama (AL)350xx-352xx, 354xx-369xx
Alaska (AK)995xx-999xx
Arizona (AZ)850xx-853xx, 855xx-857xx, 859xx-860xx, 863xx-865xx
Arkansas (AR)716xx-729xx
California (CA)900xx-908xx, 910xx-928xx, 930xx-961xx
Colorado (CO)800xx-816xx
Connecticut (CT)060xx-06389, 06391-069xx
Delaware (DE)197xx-199xx
District of Columbia (DC)200xx, 202xx-20587, 569xx, 20589-20597, 20599
Florida (FL)320xx-339xx, 341xx, 342xx, 344xx, 346xx, 347xx, 349xx
Georgia (GA)300xx-319xx, 398xx-399xx
Hawaii (HI)96701-96798, 968xx
Idaho (ID)832xx-83413, 83415-838xx
Illinois (IL)600xx-620xx, 622xx-629xx
Indiana (IN)460xx-479xx
Iowa (IA)500xx-516xx, 520xx-528xx
Kansas (KS)660xx-662xx, 664xx-679xx
Kentucky (KY)400xx-418xx, 420xx-427xx
Louisiana (LA)700xx-701xx, 703xx-708xx, 710xx-714xx
Maine (ME)039xx-049xx
Maryland (MD)20588, 206xx-212xx, 214xx-219xx
Massachusetts (MA)010xx-027xx, 055xx
Michigan (MI)480xx-499xx
Minnesota (MN)550xx-551xx, 553xx-567xx
Mississippi (MS)386xx-397xx
Missouri (MO)630xx-631xx, 633xx-641xx, 644xx-658xx
Montana (MT)590xx-599xx
Nebraska (NE)680xx-681xx, 683xx-693xx
Nevada (NV)889xx-891xx, 893xx-895xx, 897xx-898xx
New Hampshire (NH)030xx-038xx
New Jersey (NJ)070xx-089xx
New Mexico (NM)870xx-871xx, 873xx-884xx
New York (NY)005xx, 06390, 100xx-149xx
North Carolina (NC)270xx-289xx
North Dakota (ND)580xx-588xx
Ohio (OH)430xx-459xx
Oklahoma (OK)730xx-731xx, 734xx-73959, 73961-741xx, 743xx-749xx
Oregon (OR)970xx-979xx
Pennsylvania (PA)150xx-196xx
Rhode Island (RI)028xx, 029xx
South Carolina (SC)290xx-299xx
South Dakota (SD)570xx-577xx
Tennessee (TN)370xx-385xx
Texas (TX)733xx, 73960, 750xx-770xx, 772xx-799xx, 885xx
Utah (UT)840xx-847xx
Vermont (VT)050xx-054xx, 056xx-059xx
Virginia (VA)201xx, 20598, 220xx-246xx
Washington (WA)980xx-986xx, 988xx-994xx
West Virginia (WV)247xx-268xx
Wisconsin (WI)530xx-532xx, 534xx-535xx, 537xx-549xx
Wyoming (WY)820xx-831xx, 83414