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Middle East Countries

The Middle East region refers to the countries situated in Western Asia, North Africa and partly in Southeast Europe. The following is the list of Countries in the Middle East include Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, UAE and Yemen.
CountryCapitalArea in Sq. KmPopulation (2011)GDP ((2011)Lat Long
BahrainManama765.31.324 million22.95 billion USD26.0275 degrees N, 50.5500 degrees E
EgyptCairo174.99.12 million 229.5 billion USD26.0000 N, 30.0000 degrees E
IranTehran1,648,00074.8 million331 billion USD32.0000 degrees N, 53.0000 degrees E
IraqBaghdad438,30032.96 million115.4 billion USD33.3333 degrees N, 44.3833 degrees E
IsraelJerusalem20,7707.766 million242.9 billion USD31.0000 degrees N, 35.0000 degrees E
JordanAmman918806.181 million28.84 billion USD31.0167 degrees N, 36.6167 degrees E
KuwaitKuwait City17,8202.818 million176.6 billion USD29.1667 degrees N, 47.6000 degrees E
LebanonBeirut10,4504.259 million40.09 billion USD33.8333 degrees N, 35.7667 degrees E
OmanMuscat309,5002.846 million71.78 billion USD20.2333 degrees N, 55.9667 degrees E
QatarDoha11,5711.87 million173 billion USD25.2695 degrees N, 51.2128 degrees E
Saudi ArabiaRiyadh2,150,00028.08 million576.8 billion USD24.0000 degrees N, 45.0000 degrees E
SyriaDamascus185,20020.82 million59.15 billion USD35.2167 degrees N, 38.5833 degrees E
United Arab EmiratesAbu Dhabi83,6007.891 million360.2 billion USD23.7833 degrees N, 54.0000 degrees E
YemenSana'a528,00024.8 million33.76 billion USD15.0000 degrees N, 48.0000 degrees E