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Where is Baghdad Located

As shown in the given Baghdad location map that Baghdad is located beside the Tigris River in the central-west part of Iraq. Baghdad is the largest and capital city of Iraq.

The map showing location map of Baghdad in Iraq.
The city was founded 8th century back and in short period of time, it became an important commercial and cultural center for the Islam World in Arab region. Furthermore, it was started to considering as center of academic institutions or House of Wisdom. Because of this reason, city has earned eminent position in the world as "Center of Learning".

However, after its foundation to till date, city has also witness infrastructural damages as well as casualties due to wars. The recent war i.e. US led invasion in the year 2003 damaged the city very deeply. Consequently, today more frequent city witnesses insurgency activities and terrorist attack.

Interesting Facts about Baghdad

Country: Iraq
Province: Baghdad
Established: 762 AD
Founder: Abu Jafar al-Mansour
Area: 1,134 km2
Time zone: UTC+3
Climate: Arid