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Major cities of the World

World cities are urban areas that serve as important hubs for the global economy. They serve a variety of significant roles in the worldwide flow of capital, in other words. They are significant forces behind globalization and are referred to as global cities.

Future of the planet lies in cities. Urbanization continues to be a key trend in global growth. The growth of cities will have significant, long lasting, and very likely permanent effects on the majority of people on the planet as well as the sustainability of the earth's finite natural resources.

The top five first-tier world cities are New York, London, Tokyo, Paris, and Singapore. Because of its enormous economic and cultural influence as well as its role as the UN's headquarters, New York is known as the "capital of the world."

The limited number of global cities with the highest levels of significance for the global economy and related fields like culture and politics are known as first-tier world cities. Similarly, there are two divisions of the world cities based on the all round growth of area and economic growth.