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Where is Glasgow, Scotland?

As shown in the given Glasgow location map that Glasgow is located on the River Clyde in the central-west part of the United Kingdom.

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Location Map of Glasgow

Where is Glasgow, Scotland
The map showing location of Glasgow in the United Kingdom (UK).

Where is Glasgow Located?

Glasgow is the largest and capital city of Scotland. Earlier Glasgow was known as the "Second City of the British Empire". Primarily, the city developed with the establishment of Glasgow University but later on it also became the center of transatlantic trade with British North America and British West Indies.

Further development lead to the overall development of the city and hence industrial revolution took place in the city. Important industries are Heavy Engineering, Shipbuilding, and Marine Engineering.

The Glasgow electoral area for the Scottish Parliament includes the Glasgow City council area, the Rutherglen area of the South Lanarkshire and a small eastern portion of Renfrewshire.

Interesting Facts about Glasgow

Sovereign state: United Kingdom
Country: Scotland
Area: 67.76 sq mi
Location: Central-west
Dialing code: 0141
Climate: Oceanic