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Where is Great Britain? - Location Map of Great Britain

Great Britain, therefore, is a geographic term referring to the island that is home to the countries of England, Wales, and Scotland.

Map of Great Britain

Where is Great Britain, UK
The map showing location of Great Britain in the United Kingdom (UK).

Where is Great Britain Located?

Great Britain, also called Britain, is an island in the North Atlantic Ocean off the western coast of Europe and consisting of England, Scotland, and Wales. It is the largest of the British Isles, the largest European island, and the ninth-largest island in the world.

About Great Britain

LocationNorthwestern Europe
Coordinates53°50′N 2°25′W
CountriesEngland, Scotland, and Wales
Largest cityLondon
Official LanguageEnglish, Scots, Welsh, Scottish Gaelic, Cornish
ArchipelagoBritish Isles
Area of Great Britain209,331 km2 (80,823 sq mi)
Population61 million
Highest pointBen Nevis
CurrencyPound sterling (£) (GBP)
Time zoneUTC±00:00 (GMT)
Calling code44
Driving sideleft