North America Map - Map of North American Countries

North America Map - North America is the third largest and fourth-most populated continent in the world, comprising 23 countries. Lying within the western and northern hemispheres, North America is the third-largest continent covering a total area of about 9,540,000 sq mi (24,709,000 sq km). The estimated population of the continent as of November 2020 is 369,730,181. Northern America population is equivalent to 4.73% of the total world population. It is home to Canada and the United States, two of the largest economies in the world.

Map of North America

North America Map

About Map: North America map showing International boundaries of the Country, water bodies, political divisions and 23 countries.

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About North America Map

Twenty-three countries and many more territories make up the continent. It contains all the Central American and Caribbean countries. It shares borders with the Arctic Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico, and the Pacific Ocean. The largest country by land area is Canada, and by population is United States.

English, Spanish, Portuguese and French are the prevalent languages in the continent. The major religion practiced is Christianity. People also follow other religions and faiths like Judaism and Hinduism.

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History of North America


Before the arrival of the European rulers in the native North America, the natives were divided into many tribal groups. Many indigenous cultures flourished, like the Dorset culture, followed by the Thule people and the Clovis culture of modern New Mexico. The Mound builders are the most recent people inhabiting the continent; they flourished from 300 BC to 150 AD.

With the arrival of the Europeans, the native population declined because of the diseases that the Europeans brought with them. Movements for independence started in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries across the whole country. On July 4, 1776 the thirteen British colonies declared independence and the United States of America were formed

North America Facts and Information

Countries23 sovereign states
Dependencies23 non-sovereign territories
Area24,709,000 km2 (9,540,000 sq mi) (3rd)
Population (2020)369,730,181
GDP per capita: $49,240 (2019; 2nd)
Literacy Rate99 percent
Largest Country by PopulationUnited States
Highest PeakMt McKinley (20,322 ft above sea level) in Alaska
Lowest PointDeath Valley (282 ft below sea level) in California
Longest RiverMissouri River, Mississippi River
Major LanguagesEnglish, Spanish, French, and many others
Time zonesUTC-10 to UTC
DemonymNorth American

List of North American countries by population and Areas

North America is divided into 23 countries and dozens of territories with a total area of 24,709,000 km square. This is a list of countries by population based on estimates published by the UN. The United States is the largest country in North America by population and the second-largest by total area while Canada is the largest by area at 3,855,100 square miles.

S.NCountry2022 PopulationArea sq KmArea sq mi
1United States334,805,2699,629,0913,717,813
7Dominican Republic11,056,37048,67118,792
10El Salvador6,550,38921,0418,124
11Costa Rica5,182,35451,10019,700
14Trinidad And Tobago1,406,5855,1301,980
16The Bahamas400,51613,9435,383
18Saint Lucia185,113539208
20Saint Vincent And the Grenadines111,551389150
21Antigua And Barbuda99,509442171
23Saint Kitts And Nevis53,871261101

Largest Cities in North America

RankCity, CountryCity PopulationRankCity, CountryCity Population
1Mexico City, Mexico22,600,00026Guatemala City, Guatemala3,025,000
2New York City, United States22,200,00027Puebla, Mexico3,075,000
3Los Angeles, United States17,700,00028Cleveland, United States3,050,000
4Chicago, United States9,750,00029Port-au-Prince, Haiti3,050,000
5Washington-Baltimore, United States8,500,00030Cincinnati, United States2,750,000
6San Francisco, United States7,800,00031Vancouver, Canada2,725,000
7Boston, United States7,600,00032El Paso-Juárez, US and Mexico2,500,000
8Toronto, Canada7,450,00033Portland, United States2,375,000
9Philadelphia, United States7,350,00034Charlotte, United States2,375,000
10Dallas-Fort Worth, United States6,900,00035St. Louis, United States2,350,000
11Houston, United States6,500,00036Salt Lake City, United States2,350,000
12Miami, United States6,250,00037San José, Costa Rica2,325,000
13Atlanta, United States5,700,00038Toluca, Mexico2,225,000
14Detroit-Windsor, US and Canada5,700,00039Havana, Cuba2,225,000
15San Diego-Tijuana, US and Mexico5,245,00040Las Vegas, United States2,200,000
16Guadalajara, Mexico5,150,00041San Antonio, United States2,150,000
17Monterrey, Mexico4,825,00042Pittsburgh, United States2,050,000
18Phoenix, United States4,500,00043Sacramento, United States2,050,000
19Seattle, United States4,275,00044San Juan, Puerto Rico2,050,000
20Montréal, Canada4,200,00045Kansas City, United States1,950,000
21Tampa, United States4,200,00046Indianapolis, United States1,950,000
22Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic3,825,00047León, Mexico1,870,000
23Denver, United States3,650,00048Austin, United States1,860,000
24Orlando, United States3,275,00049San Salvador, El Salvador1,840,000
25Minneapolis-St. Paul, United States3,100,00050Columbus, United States1,700,000
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