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Where is Martinique?

Location Map of Martinique

Where is Martinique
About Map: Map showing Where is Martinique located on the world map.
The Martinique locations map shows that Martinique is located in the eastern Caribbean Sea.

Martinique map also shows that it is the island territory whose neighbors are Dominica in the north-west, Barbados in the south-east and St Lucia in the south.

Martinique is an overseas territory of France. Besides, Martinique is one of the 26 regions of France so it is an integral part of France. The currency of Martinique is Euro and official language is French; however, many of the local people speak Antillean Creole. The economy of the country is based upon agriculture, trade, industrial sector, and tourism. Martinique exports Banana. However, Martinique needs to import meat, vegetable, and other food-stuff.

Moreover, the tourism in the region is growing fast. Martinique has beautiful landscapes that attract tourists.