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Where is Anguilla?

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Where is Anguilla
About Map: Map showing Where is Anguilla located on the world map.
Anguilla is located in the Caribbean Sea, the northern most island in the Leeward Island chain.
Anguilla is a group of Caribbean Sea Islands under the control of United Kingdom. Among the several small islands, Anguilla is the largest one. The capital city of this island is the Valley.

Anguilla is located east of Puerto Rico and north of Saint Martin in the Caribbean Sea. By virtue of having coral beaches and reefs, the island Anguilla has spectacular landscapes. Besides, there are many islands, where no habitant lives or having a few habitants.

Some of the significant Anguilla islands are:
  • Anguillita
  • Prickly Pear Cays
  • Sandy Island
  • Scrub Island
  • Dog Island
  • Sombrero
  • However, Anguilla is self-governing but it is an overseas territory of the United Kingdom and its politics take place in a framework of a democratic parliamentary representative whereby the Chief Minister is the head of government. Anguilla has a tropical wet and dry climate. There is very little temperatures variation throughout the year. Above all, for the tourism purpose, Anguilla is one of the most romantic islands of the world where tourists (specially, new couple) have much to enjoy.

    Quick Facts
    Continent North America
    Where is Located Antigua and Barbuda is a country located in the Leeward Islands, Caribbean
    Coordinates 17°5'N61°48'W
    Capital Saint John's
    Largest City Saint John's
    Administrative divisions6 parishes and 2 dependencies
    Area 170 sq mi
    Population89,069 (2012)
    Official Language Antiguan Creole
    Currency East Caribbean dollar(XCD)
    ISO Alpha-2 CodeAG
    ISO Alpha-3 Code ATG
    ISO Numeric Code28
    GDP $1.535 billion (2012 est.)
    Calling code 1
    Time Zone (UTC-04:00)
    Internet TLD .ag