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Where is El Salvador?

Location Map of El Salvador

Where is El Salvador
Where El Salvador is is located on the world map? The given El Salvador location map shows that El Salvador is located in the Central America.

El Salvador map also shows that it shares its international boundaries with Guatemala in the north and Honduras in the east. However, in the west Pacific Ocean limits its further westward extensions.

The capital city of El Salvador is San Salvador, which is also the largest city of the country. The people of El Salvador are known as Salvadorans and/or Central Americans. Besides, the country ' s sobriquet in Spanish is La Tierra de Volcanes, it means  -  the land of Volcanoes in English.

The government type of El Salvador is a democratic and representative, comprising of the Executive Branch, which is headed by the President. President is being elected by direct vote for the tenure of five years.

El Salvador has a tropical climate characterized with wet and dry seasons.

Quick Facts
CountryEl Salvador
Continent North America
Where is Located El Salvador is a country located in the Central America
Coordinates 13°40'N89°10'W
Capital San Salvador
Largest City San Salvador
Neighboring Countries Guatemala, Honduras
Administrative divisions14 departments
Area 8,124 Sq mi (21,040 Sq Km)
Population6,134,000 (2009 Est.)
Official Language Castilian
Currency U.S. dollar (USD) ($)
ISO Alpha-2 CodeSV
ISO Alpha-3 Code SLV
ISO Numeric Code222
GDP $44.576 billion (2011 Est.)
Calling code 503
Time Zone CST (UTC-6)
Internet TLD .sv